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When To Go On Your Honeymoon: Love It More While Saving Cash.

The best time to go on a honeymoon depends mainly on your preference. However, no matter where you plan to go, if you plan it well, and are willing to be flexible with your travel dates, being strategic about your honeymoon will save you money and give you more.

So when is the best time to go on your honeymoon?

Always consider what sort of honeymoon you want first. Have a discussion with your future spouse about what your top three honeymoon priorities are destination, dates & budget. Work out what your day-to-day spend will be including food & activities. PREPARE! Make your honeymoon a priority early on.

Planning your dream honeymoon doesn’t have to cost you the earth, as long as you are flexible and do your homework.

In this article, I’m going to go over some key ideas that you really need to consider in order to enjoy your honeymoon for less.

Tips for planning a cheaper honeymoon

Choosing the cheapest season

The cheapest time to go on a honeymoon is usually fall or winter if you avoid the major holidays. The climate will be cooler but hotels and restaurants will be cheaper. There will also be fewer tourists about and things will feel a lot more relaxed. However, you could find some local attractions and restaurants are closed due to the cold weather and the atmosphere may not be as much fun without the energy of a crowd.

Discuss the activities you want to do or the things you want to see before you book in the low season. There would be very little point in booking time at a ski resort when there is no snow if you want to ski, for example, and although hurricane season is considered low season in the Carribean and Florida, you may want to rethink this option for a honeymoon.

Consider booking during the shoulder seasons, the months that precede or follow the peak seasons.

  • The weather will generally be better but without the high seasons’ crowds and prices.
  • It may not be as cheap as a low season but you may find it will offer you more for your buck because you can enjoy it more.

Crossing the equator

Not all destinations will experience seasons the same. The best and most affordable time to visit the destination you’ve decided on really will depend on where you’re going and what you want to do.

  • A Ski resort will obviously have a very different high season to a resort on the beach. High demand for accommodation, transport, and food in winter, makes a ski resort most expensive during its winter season, which is generally the low season at a beach resort.
  • The Caribbean experiences a high season mid-winter because the weather in the U.S is colder and people want a getaway.
  • The northern and southern hemispheres experience opposite seasons. If you go to New Zealand to ski during the US winter, for example, you’ll find that all of the locals will be at the beach enjoying the summer sun.

Take a look at your location on Instagram and blogs. Read what others have to say about it. You may find some great money-saving tips or realize you shouldn’t go when you had planned to.

How to get the best deal

Consider using a travel agent. They really can get the best deals on flights and accommodation, and will have the best knowledge of the discounts, packages, and deals you could get. They can also give you advice on the best times to go and will work within your budget.

If you opt to do it yourself, find the cheapest airfare prices, but be aware of hidden costs.

  • The high season for airline tickets is generally between Easter and mid-September, but the best time to book is the 23rd of August.
  • For the entire week around the 23rd of August, airfares will drop because it is the official end of the high season.
  • If you can’t book at the end of August, you can count on airfares generally being at their lowest about three to four months before your departure.
  • Always read the fine print before you book and be aware of visas, airport taxes, luggage fees or stopovers.
  • Transport can add up, so be sure to know what to expect and budget accordingly. You might have found a cheaper flight by landing in a bigger airport but your taxi fare to the hotel might not be worth it.

Accommodation prices rise when demand increases.

  • National and school holidays are the times’ hotel rates will be their highest, so it’s best to book outside these dates for the most affordable accommodation.
  •  Accommodation can exceed the cost of a flight and so it may be a defining factor when it comes to your booking dates. If this is the case, find out when hotel rates are lowest and then book your flights.
  •  You should also take advantage of any early bird discounts your hotel may offer, you can phone or email them to find out.
  • Subscribing to your favorite hotels’ mailing list could also mean you will be notified if any good deals come along.
  • Forget hotels completely and take the Airbnb route, but remember that this will mean doing your own cooking and perhaps cleaning!

Go nomadic!

Cruise ships often offer great package deals and you’ll get to visit some beautiful ports too.

  • Cruise deals include most meals, some drinks, entertainment, ocean transport, and ship accommodation.
  • Do read up and understand what is not offered free of charge, and what extra costs you might face onboard. Photography, alcoholic drinks, room service, and shore excursions, for example, would be an extra charge.
  •  If you plan on cruising, the highest seasons are summer break, Christmas and new year, so it’s best to book just after these times.
  • Tickets drop in March and August because of low demand and because most tickets are sold at the beginning of the year when prices are highest.
  • The cheapest Caribbean cruise tickets are generally from September to January, except for holidays.

Getting more for your dollar

It may be helpful to set up a honeymoon wedding fund as part of your gifts list. That way, guests can choose to pay for some of the activities, romantic dinners or some special spoils on your honeymoon.

Let your hotel know it’s your honeymoon. They might offer an upgrade or at the very least a free drink at the bar. Hotel staff will usually make an effort to ensure honeymooners have a good time as they want you to return for your anniversaries. Make the most of this.

Delay your departure

You could also opt to take a mini-moon after your wedding and plan to take your real honeymoon later on. It can be tough to plan a honeymoon while you are still trying to hire a photographer and choose your table decor, and so it may be better to just go on something short and sweet nearby for a few days after the wedding and wait to have your honeymoon later on.

You’ll also get to spend more time with your family and friends after the wedding, and you’ll be able to enjoy the wedding party you paid for. Many international flights also leave early in the morning, so you’ll have no time to rest if you leave right after the wedding.

Planning in advance and getting started as early as 6-8 months before your honeymoon, means that you can be more flexible with your time. It gives you the time to save up and to plan properly, but also to earn some rewards and points on credit cards that will help you save money when you book your flight and accommodation.

Using credit cards the smart way

Pay for your honeymoon with credit card rewards.

If you give yourself the time to plan your honeymoon, you can start earning points for every dollar you spend with a rewards credit card. Later, you can redeem your points for flights, hotel rooms, car rentals or even cash.

  • Different rewards cards offer rewards for different spending habits. Some cards offer points for gas, others for groceries, online shopping, dining and entertainment, and even for people who like to use mobile payment apps.
  • Get a card that is best for you and the type of rewards you want. Opt for a credit card that gives you a large sign-up bonus.  Best rewards credit cards.
  • Get yourself multiple cards to use on everything. If a rewards card offerers triple points at gas stations, for example, then use it to fill up your car and use the card that offers rewards on your groceries at the supermarket. You can label your cards so you will know quickly what card to use for what.
  • Buy gift cards for a place you know you’ll shop, for the extra points.
  • Pay your rent, utility bills, mortgage, income taxes, and even car payments and tuition fees with a credit card.
  • Use your card to pay for your wedding, and really rack in the rewards.
  • Use your cards when you pay for dinners, movies, online shopping, and even your friends’ meals and movie tickets. The more you use the cards the more rewards you will receive.
  • Be Careful! You should only be spending what you would have, so don’t get carried away. Have a budget so you don’t overspend.
  • It is important to pay your bills in full each month so you don’t get charged the interest if you miss payments, the interest you’ll be charged will quickly exceed any rewards you might be earning.

Take the time to save up.

Your honeymoon doesn’t have to break the bank. If you learn to save and wait until you have enough money, you can have the honeymoon of your dreams and avoid getting into any unnecessary debt.

For Lea and I personally, we had two weddings within the space of a year and decided to put off the honeymoon until we had the time and money to do it justice. We actually only ever had a short weekend away together but it was worth the wait to save up for a real romantic break later on.

Discuss your options together and note your combined net income and monthly expenses. Start a budget and set up a time-frame, creating some common goals to save together.

  • Use a budgeting app that can sync between your phones. Shared information will make you both accountable for your spending. You might not want to buy an extra pair of shoes if you know your partner will know you broke the budget because of the extra spend.
  • Try living off one income and save the other.
  • Evaluate any unnecessary spending.
  • Reevaluate your bills, it may be possible to find cheaper deals for your insurance, cable, or internet.
  • Work some extra hours and talk to your boss about the extra pay, or offer your services elsewhere over the weekend. You could even get a part-time job.
  • Spend time not money and stop going out to eat. You can plan your meals and eat at home, this way you’ll save money on groceries too.
  • Try the 30-day rule. If you want to buy something, wait for 30 days. Deposit the money into a savings account and if you still want it a month later buy it, otherwise the money will stay in your savings account.
  • See what you have that you can sell. Sell unwanted items or even sell your car and get an older model.
  • Avoid shopping if you’re feeling emotional or hungry. These are the times that you will splurge the most.

A cheaper paradise

Save money by choosing a cheaper location with a similar environment.

Another way to save money is to opt for a more affordable location, but with a similar environment to where you want to go. Research the best exchange rates and take advantage of favorable rates. Countries such as Costa Rica, Vietnam, Romania or even South Africa are cheap and offer great value for money.

Alternatively, you could also consider staying within driving distance or taking a train or bus. If you avoid airfares you could use the extra money to upgrade to a better hotel or room. You might enjoy the trip together and you can plan some stops along the way too

Geoarbitrage options.

If you have ever dreamed of quitting your day job and traveling the world, you might consider Geoarbitrage for your honeymoon. The idea of Geoarbitrage is to have the income from a high wage country or city but to live or do things in a low wage country or city where your expenses will be less. This way you can save money for things like travel.

Virtual jobs

The idea may sound strange initially, but it can work out very well if you aren’t looking for luxury. It’s sort of like a working holiday. Not everyone will have to quit their jobs either, if your current job allows you to work flexibly or be independent of location then it could work out quite well for you.

Want to build up an online business so you can travel further and for longer? Well, the easiest way to do that is to become an internet affiliate marketer. Here is a course from the leading affiliate marketing website on how to use their own network to make a full income online. Check it out here.

Alternatively, you could start up your own online business, or find location-based work such as teaching English.

Save money by going to a doctor

But geoarbitrage doesn’t just mean living for a long time in a cheaper part of the world, you can also simply combine your trip with expensive necessities of life.

Increasingly more and more Americans are traveling abroad to have medical procedures such as dentistry and other elective surgeries. The world is full of countries where health care is both excellent and cheap, even for foreign nationals. Many of these medical professionals speak perfect English and may have even studied in the States. What could cost you $1000s in your own country could cost less than $100 abroad.

By planning your honeymoon, and indeed other vacations, around your annual medical checkups you could end up receiving outstanding medical care for a fraction of the price at home, thus paying for your vacation itself.

Have a semi-self-catering honeymoon

You can save quite a lot of money on a honeymoon if you don’t eat out all the time. Try to purchase food you can eat in your hotel room such as breakfast bars or even fruit.

Go to the local supermarket and pick up some ingredients to have a picnic if the weather is good, or just eat in your hotel room. If you do go out, opt for cafes rather than formal restaurants or eat your main meal at lunch when prices are generally cheaper.

Other Articles to read

You may also be interested in how to save money on your wedding photos, check out my article on this here

Related questions.

Why is having a honeymoon important?

A honeymoon is meant to be a couples time to be together alone, away from their busy schedules and the mundaneness of life. A honeymoon can bring a sense of togetherness for a newlywed couple who will be able to spend quality time together. A wedding can be very stressful and most couples also feel they need the time to relax and unwind and reconnect with each other without any interference.

What is the cheapest place to go on honeymoon?

Due to the great exchange rates, the cheapest destinations are:

  • Asia: Thailand, Philippines, and Bali – Indonesia.
  • The Carribean: Puerto Rico, Florida Keys, Riviera- Maya Mexico, St Maarten and Jamaica.
  • The Pacific: The Cook Islands.
  • Europe :Croatia, Portugal, Romania
  • North America: Lake Tahoe , Nevada and Canada.
  • Africa: South Africa.

Can you go on a honeymoon before you get married?

Though it is not traditional, most modern couples already live together before the wedding, and so it is not so unusual to take a honeymoon before the wedding. Your decision regarding your honeymoon is entirely up to you and your schedule.

What are honeymoon packages?

A honeymoon package will include almost everything at the resort in one price. Accommodation, food, drinks, and most activities will be included. You can also book a package with special touches such as champaign, couples spa treatment and petals on your bed.

A good place to find a honeymoon package that will suit you is with a travel agent, They have the experience and can customize a package to suit your preference.

How To Easily Take Your Own Wedding Photos & Not Screw It Up.

Taking your own wedding pictures is not as difficult as you may think. With the right equipment, some pre-planning and a little bit of practice beforehand, it is possible to successfully capture your own wedding day.

So how easy is it to take your own photos?

Taking your own wedding photos or doing so without a professional is easy when planned well. Consider investing in or renting professional equipment or utilizing your guests and social media to capture as much of your day as possible. Don’t forget your pose or the impact of light & the background.

Most couples simply part with vast sums of money because they think they have no other choice. However, if you are proactive and want to shave off some of the expense of your special day, then becoming your own wedding photographer is certainly possible.

Read on for my top tips on just how you can do that!

Should you invest in a camera or not?

Although it isn’t necessary to have an expensive camera to take good pictures, using a DSLR camera (a camera with interchangeable lenses) will make a big and positive difference to the pictures you take. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and purchase a top-of-the-range camera and lenses, even an old DSLR camera will give you a high-quality image.

Here are some options:

  • You can also buy a DSLR camera second hand for a third of the cost of getting it new. Sites such as eBay, Sharegrid or Gearoffer all feature offers.
  • If buying a camera is not for you, then you could also rent professional photo gear for under one hundred dollars a week. Make sure you are renting both a body and lens, as mostly you will have to rent these individually. Go for a standard lens which is 24-70mm, as it is the most versatile.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member who owns a DSLR, then ask if you can borrow it. You might even want to ask the owner if they would like to take some shots for you too. They are likely to be interested in photography and have a good eye for it already.

Other gear to consider


Stabilize your camera and get a tripod. One of the most effective things you can do to get sharper images is to use a tripod and avoid camera shake (we all shake naturally).

A tripod will also help you capture yourselves together and will make it far easier to take your group shots. Make sure the tripod fits your camera before the wedding and make sure you know how to assemble it and how to use your camera’s timer. You don’t want to waste time trying to figure it all out on the day.

Timers & remotes

Your camera should come with a timer but for more efficiency, you could get yourself a remote. Remotes are pretty cheap and are easier and more convenient to use than a timer. You can also download an APP, which will turn your phone into a remote.

Spares & backups

Be prepared with extras. Unless you like leaving things to chance, get both a high capacity and high-speed memory card of at least 64GB. A cheaper card will save your images slower, it will be less reliable, and there’s also less chance you will be able to recover corrupted or lost images.

Card corruption happens. When it does, you can lose images and you probably won’t be able to continue using the card. Your memory card won’t affect your image quality, but you will feel much safer with a good quality card. Always buy yourself good cards and also have extra as a backup. Also, keep spare batteries charged.

Consider lighting & composition

Pay attention. Always think about what is happening in your image. You don’t want a branch coming out of someone’s head, visible garbage or random people in the background of an image. Look for backgrounds away from people and use bright colors to make things pop.

Choose a backdrop

Try to find an outdoor setting with some greenery, trees, bushes, or a garden with flowers. Also, look out for random and unwanted items that may be visible. Items like someone’s shoes, a water bottle, or a jacket thrown on the grass are often ignored when an image is taken but they can ruin a perfect shot. Similarly, make sure jewelry such as watches, rings, and necklaces are straight. You can notice these things in pictures, especially in close-ups.

Think about the light

Find the best light. Consider taking your pictures in the late afternoon, the hour before sunset is considered the best time for photography as the sunlight is less harsh and very flattering. Look for bright light, but make sure nobody is squinting. Alternatively, look for shade and try to avoid direct sun that causes shadows across faces. You can use your flash to avoid shadows on faces outdoors but try to avoid using it indoors if you can. Using a direct flash indoors can make an image look dull and very unprofessional. Instead, look for natural light sources.

Use your friends

Consider asking a creative friend or family member to take your pictures. Try and find out which friends have a good eye by looking through their Instagram or Facebook accounts. You could ask them to take a few pictures before the wedding and play around a bit. You could also use two cameras on the day. Use one camera yourself and give another one to someone else. Taking pictures of small details can be as important as getting the big ones and having someone else capture these will help you out.

Alternatively, you could find out if any students would like an opportunity to build up their portfolios. Most photographic students are on the hunt for new models, especially couples, and most would jump at the opportunity to shoot a wedding. Call up your local college and invite students to send you their portfolios.

Should you hire a professional videographer?

As with a photographer, should you get yourself a professional to capture your special day or rely on your own friends and abilities? I’ve gone into a lot more details about this question in another article I’ve written, so if this is something you are wondering about, you can read all about it right here.

Plan & rehearse!

Plan everything. Try to get in some practice with the equipment you will use. You should visit the location and decide on the different places you want to take your pictures.

Make a list of the friends and family you need in pictures too, so no one is forgotten. Do some research on the type of images you like and know what to do to create them. You should plan, practice and use the camera before the day. The more practice you get the easier it will be to take great images.

Post-production editing

You can also consider getting your images edited by a professional if you don’t know how to yourself. Photo editors can adjust lighting, correct blemishes, make you look younger or even make an ordinary image look magical.

Alternative ways to capture your special day

Having a fancy camera and all the professional photography paraphernalia is all well and good, but what if you never plan to continue the hobby after your big day, or just don’t have the budget for any of this?

Never fear, there are some other ways to lock your memories away in a beautiful picture without even picking up a camera yourself. Nowadays most people are walking around with a pretty decent camera in their pocket and what’s more, they all know how to use them effectively!

So, here are some other cheaper options to consider:

  • Buy a couple of disposable cameras for each table at your reception and let the guests be your photographers.
  • Ask guests to use their camera phones and then create a hashtag they can use to upload everything into an online ‘wedding book’.
  • Make a photo booth and leave an iPad, or phone for guests to take their own pictures. This can be made very simply.

If you use the right equipment and create the right environment for your photos, you should be able to get some wonderful images on your wedding day. However, one of the main components of wedding photography is knowing how to pose a couple.

A wedding photographer knows exactly how to make you look your absolute best in an image, this is why people hire photographers. However, although you may not have the experience of a professional, there are some basic poses you can learn that can dramatically change how you take a picture.

How to look good in a photograph.

A good place to start is to look at pictures of yourself, ones you like and the ones you don’t. Try to point out what it is you like or don’t about each image.

Do you like the way you have turned your head in a picture, or do you like the way your body looks in a particular pose? You should be able to quickly work out what your good angles are. Practice posing with a camera or in a mirror so you’ll know what to do. Remember to practicing smiling too.

Whoever is closest to the camera will appear the largest. The default rule in wedding photography is that the man should always stand closer to the camera to look bigger and the women should stand away from the camera to appear smaller. 

For women:

  • Posing starts from your feet up. Put your weight on your back leg with your front leg bent, so your weight is shifted away from the camera. Your spine should be straight, as it elongates your whole frame and you should try to bend your elbows a little. Always try to put a space between your arms and torso to create angles.
  • Hands can make an image look awkward if they are just left at your side, so keep them busy and hold something. You can hold the bouquet, the veil, the wedding dress or champagne glass for example. Try to brush back your hair softly with your fingers or softly touch your neck or ear lobe. If all else fails, put one hand on your hip – this pose may be boring but it’s a favorite for a reason.
  • Shoulders and hips should be angled away from the camera.
  • Your head and chin should be tilted towards your higher shoulder (if you have your hand on your hip this will be your higher shoulder)

For men:

  • A man’s pose is in reverse to a woman. Your weight should be on your front leg, and your back leg should be bent for a more masculine pose.
  • Tilt your head and chin towards your lower shoulder, unless you are prone to a double chin and want to avoid it. In this case, you could tilt your chin back very slightly.
  • Keep your hands busy. You could fix your collar, pretend to button up your suit or adjust your cuffs or watch. Putting your hands in your pockets is a popular but effective one too.

Basic wedding poses.

You can take several different shots with just one wedding pose by changing the way you use your hands and arms, or by changing where you are looking. You could also take both a horizontal and vertical shot, or get a mixture of closeups and full-length shots. It’s a good idea to take a lot of different shots so you’ll have a good selection to choose from.

The v- up

  • Your bodies should touch at the hips with your back arms around each other’s waist.
  • Hands can be anywhere as long as they are not straight. For example, the woman’s hand could be on her hip and the man’s hand could be his pocket. You could also hold hands, but don’t intertwine your fingers too much as it doesn’t look good in a picture. Just touch your hands lightly together.

Open up

  • Hold hands and stand apart with your feet towards the camera.
  • You can look at the camera, at each other or even get in a kiss


  • Face each other and stand very close
  • You can kiss, look lovingly at each other with your arms wrapped around each other’s waste, or just hold hands.

The stacked pose.

  • The groom should stand behind the bride with his arms around her.
  • You should both look out into the distance
  • This is a good shot to do if you have a view to capture.
  • One of you could even look at the camera, and the other at that person, in one of the shots.

What to take pictures of.

Making a list of the things you want to capture on your day, will make everything run smoother and you won’t miss anything. Some ideas from a wedding photographer are:

  • Getting ready.
  • A silly, personality pic of the two of you individually, and as a couple.
  • The bouquet
  • Your shoes
  • Individual bridal party shots
  • The reception space
  • The cake
  • The tables and centerpieces
  • Rings
  • A formal groom portrait
  • A formal bride portrait
  • The bride’s hair
  • A full shot of the bride in her wedding dress.
  • The bride and groom with both sides of the family separately, and as a group shot.
  • Siblings together.
  • Little ones on the day ( they always look cute and add a great memory)

Making a photo booth

Making your own photo booth for your wedding day is a great way to get some fun and natural shots of all of your friends and family. It’s cost-effective and does turn out wonderful if you put a bit of effort into your backdrop and lighting.

  • Setup it up in a visible location with lots of props and a camera on a tripod for guests to use. You could also use an iPad or an old phone. Just make sure there is enough memory on your device. Alternatively, set up a hashtag and get your guests to use their own cameras and then tag them on Instagram so you’ll be able to access all of the images afterward.
  • Create a backdrop that is at least 6 feet x 4 feet to match the dimensions of most camera formats. To make it you can buy fabric to put up on a wall, use wrapping paper, hire a photo backdrop or simply add some sparkle to a plain colored wall. Just make it look special. For inspiration, take a look at these ideas at Oh happy day or the photo booths ideas on Pinterest.
  • Make sure it is well lit. Bring in some lamps for extra lighting, you can buy any cheap, old lamp. As long as you’re using a bulb that says daylight on the box it will be fine. You don’t want shadows.
  • Make or buy some props. Masks, signs, hats, and funny costumes are a lot of fun. Make a theme and go with it, the crazier the better.

Related questions.

What lense is best for wedding photography?

Camera lenses come in a variety of different focal lengths, and although the best lens for shooting a wedding depends on the photographer’s shooting style, the most popular lense for wedding photography is the 24-70mm. This lens is wide enough to capture the entire ceremony in one shot, but you can use the telephoto for close-up shots and portraits.

Can you shoot a wedding without a flash?

It is possible to shoot a wedding without flash, however, you do need to consider what the location looks like. If natural light exists, then a flash is not necessary, but if the venue is poorly lit (like in a cathedral or when the disco lights go on ), then you will need to use a flash.

How much will I pay for a wedding photographer?

In the U.S, generally, a wedding photographer will range between $1,100 and $10,000, depending on their experience and what you require from them. However, the average in most states is about $3,000, or about 12% of your wedding budget.

How long does it take to photograph a wedding?

Depending on how many pictures you need, you can estimate spending about 30-60 minutes for family pictures and group shots, 30 minutes for the couple and about another 30 minutes for the wedding party.

Full Guide: Eloping to Vegas (Venue, Dress, Food, Hotels)

las vegas

You’ve seen it in the movies. Two people in love, no matter how brief, have made the decision to tie the knot with a bang. The fancy term is ‘an elopement’, but it darn romantic whichever way you look at it.

Whatever your reason is, be it a planned escape from the immense planning of a traditional wedding or you’ve found love at first sight in the magical land where quick decisions are king. For a lot of people, a wedding in Vegas is a dream, come true; but for some, it may be just like a bad hangover that just won’t quit.

Any way you see it, this guide has you covered with everything you need to know about eloping in Vegas.

When eloping in Las Vegas it is important to consider the needs of your guests, the hotel they stay in is a big deal, as well as what you want out of your own experience. Choosing a package from a hotel will simplify the entirety of the process for you or you can choose a ceremony only package from a budget wedding company to save some money.

Las Vegas is a huge powerhouse of luxury and temptation and thus can be intimidating to make a selection. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

Note: All quoted prices in USD.

Before arriving in Vegas

As with any venture, thinking things through ahead of time will seriously increase the chances of everything going smoothly. And, of course, reduce the odds of crazy unforeseeable curveballs.

As Vegas is a massive tourist destination for weddings among many other things, it has a huge variety to consider and requires some time dedicated to narrowing down your options. Here are the main points you need to consider ahead of time.

What is the best time of year to get married in Las Vegas?

Depending on your crowd this will differ for some groups. However, based on shooting for the right temperature, the best time for weather in Las Vegas is around the end of April, up until the beginning of June. This is due to the springtime wind settling down and not quite having the extreme temperature of summer beating down on you.

Even though Las Vegas is a hot desert it can still get quite cold in the wintertime and RIDICULOUSLY HOT in the summer, so the time of year is something that should not be taken lightly.

If your schedule allows for everybody to make it in this time period then this would be the way to go. Granted, this would be the high season for weddings and will most certainly make it more expensive and reduce the selection. So, if you are going towards the end of spring make sure you book well in advance.

If you do choose to go in the offseason (January-February or July-August) then you will be sure to save money on the venue, flights, and accommodation. But, best to go with a large indoor climate-controlled venue just to be on the safe side.

How can my guests and I get the best deal on Airfare?

This is potentially where you could save the most money for everybody. Las Vegas airport is the 19th busiest airport in the world and has loads of budget airlines flying in several times a day from many departure points.

Budget airlines such as Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Allegiant Air and Alaska Airlines offer flights ranging from $45 and upwards for a one-way flight to Vegas from within the United States. Any short-haul domestic flights will be the cheapest with many departures leaving daily. However, this is not possible for everybody.

A good rule of thumb is to book your flights around 3 weeks away from the time of the flight (if you have the willpower), this is because the prices of the flights will change depending on the popularity of the flight and it’s around this time that the airline will drop the cost of empty seats to ensure that the flight is as full as possible.

If you are traveling in a large group during high-season, however, I would not recommend this strategy because it may be tough to get a large number of tickets in this case.

Using a search engine like or can be a good option as they will do the legwork of searching all of the airlines for you and you are able to save searches and get a notification if the price drops.

Keep in mind though that using third party websites like these can make it difficult or costly to make any changes or cancel the flight if something changes. It is best to be careful and be sure of your dates before booking on these websites.

Can I handle our marriage license ahead of time?

Getting a marriage license in the state of Nevada requires no waiting period or blood testing with no appointment needed. You can go down to the courthouse located at 201 Clark Ave., Las Vegas NV, provide government-issued photo ID from both parties which must both attend in person and voilà!

Assuming you are of the age of consent (18 years old) your marriage license is handled once you have paid the $77 in cash. If you are from outside the United States, your marriage license is legally granted you provide your own country with a County Clerk’s Office marriage certificate ($15) and an Apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State ($20).

If you are a go-getter, you can pre-register for a marriage license online here. This will be valid up to 60 days prior to the wedding and will save you some time at the Bureau.

Keep in mind that you will need to use your legal names as they appear on your government-issued ID. You will still need to pick up your marriage license in person once you arrive in Las Vegas at the same address.

Can a friend of the couple perform the ceremony?

Having a friend or person of importance perform the ceremony can add a lot of meaning and pizazz to the festivities (it could even be a celebrity to really pump the guests up).

To perform a wedding in Nevada you must complete the ordained minister application and submit it to the county clerk no earlier than 90 days from the ceremony and no later than 30 days prior to the wedding. You can apply and submit your application here.

The Wedding Ceremony

How will I choose the right wedding photographer?

Lucky for you, weddings are a very popular attraction in Vegas and thus have created a lot of demand for good wedding photography.

Therefore, there are many companies and freelance photographers that are very ready and willing to provide you with outstanding service right in the city. Choosing a local photographer is likely cheaper than paying somebody from your hometown to come to Vegas so it is generally your best bet.

You can do your research online to find a local one in the Vegas area, or there have been many reviewed and ranked by quality across a few different platforms including that you can look at here.

These will give you reviews written by real customers as well as average pricing that will vary depending on the event and what your demands are. You can expect to spend from $500 up to $2500 for full-service top-quality photography.

Alternatively, you can take your own photos. I’ve written a detailed article on exactly how to do this yourself and the pros and cons of taking this approach. Check it out here.

How can my guests and I handle our hair and makeup for the wedding?

Most of the time the venue you choose will have a hair and makeup package that you can choose which, depending on what you usually spend at the salon, can be quite reasonable with a hair and makeup add on costing around $160 for a bride along with a big array of others services. Chapel of the Flowers, for example, has a list of beauty services available to add on you can have a look at here.

However, if you are not the trusting type there are many salons that offer full-service wedding packages in the Vegas area that you can do a little research on beforehand if you want to be picky.

Through the miracle of customer reviews, you can see second-hand which salons have provided excellent service in the past. Such as this top 10 ranking on, you and your wedding party can rest easy that you will look great for your ceremony.

What’s better, some companies like Las Vegas Hair and Makeup offer to come straight to where you need them, saving you and your party the hassle of navigating Las Vegas in a large group.

What Venue do I choose?

Choosing the venue itself is likely the most crucial part of planning any wedding as it will be the scene of the place everybody will remember when they think about your big day.

Several things to consider when choosing a venue would be the location (as Las Vegas is quite a large city), the weather outside (make sure its indoors if the weather is chilly or unpredictable), size, price and, of course, glamour.


If you are looking to get the all-in luxurious wedding experience, the top of the pack is the Wynn Hotel and Casino wedding package. This will provide you with a chauffeur picking you up at the airport, taking you to the courthouse to pick up your marriage license followed by checking you into a 2,490 sq ft Wynn Fairway Villa with views of their golf course for two nights! Included with the package are two rounds of golf with your own caddy!

When it comes to the ceremony itself, the Wynn provides you with nothing but the best options and array of selection that will knock your socks off! You can have a look at their packages and other experiences on the Wynn Las Vegas website.

All of this and many more perks for the, within reason, cost of $23,090. Granted if you are to choose a package like this one, everything will be taken care of inside and out by the resort and you will have nothing extra to plan.

So although it is expensive, you will get a headache-free and incredibly glamorous wedding and vacation on top.

If this is a touch too expensive there are a few other great packages that have been reviewed and ranked that you can check out here.

Tight budget

If money is an issue for your wedding then Vegas is, not surprisingly, a great choice for you. There are many chapels in town offering packages from as low as $99, including seven photographs, ministers and traditional music! Such as the Lucky Mini Package offered by the Lucky Little Wedding Chapel ($99) or the slightly more expensive Chapel of the Flowers Basic Package ($299).

Keep in mind that these packages will provide you with the very little included by way of wedding dresses, tuxedos, hair and makeup or limo service. But, they will perform the ceremony that you need if in a pinch.


If you and bride/groom to be are the crazy type, that wants to go for an extra memorable wedding, you guessed it, Las Vegas has you covered on that too.

The Chapel in the Clouds venue offered by the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino has an observation deck and private reception desk on the 112th floor! Not a bad place to say, “I do” seemingly on the very top of the city of Las Vegas.

Of course for Rock n roll enthusiasts, there is the KISS themed wedding at Rio all-suite hotel and Casino provides the authentic rock star wedding experience, inspired by the legendary rock band KISS!

With this package, you will have a “tour manager” (aka your wedding planner) along with invitations that look like concert tickets. Don’t forget your selection of a rock star minister like Angus Young, Alice Cooper, Slash or any member of KISS!

The city of romance comes to Las Vegas, with this top of the Eiffel Tower wedding available at, you guessed it, the Paris Hotel and Casino! The venue is 460 feet above the strip and offers a 360-degree view of the city. Giving you everything you need for some of the best photos and after wedding partying a couple could ask for.

If you’re into a little more doom and gloom, Bally’s offers a Real Bodies wedding, all-inclusive with actual dead people’s bones on display! Why not start the beginning of your journey together surrounded by mementos of many other peoples ending…

Keep in mind that while these unique weddings will most certainly be something you and your guests will never forget, you will be paying a little extra for the added value. So be prepared to part ways with a little extra change.

Where can I get my wedding clothes?

This is another area that you will be able to choose from a variety of methods to fulfill given Las Vegas’ overall need to please. If you choose an all-inclusive wedding package, such as at the Chapel of Flowers, you will be able to select from several wedding attire add on packages.

With packages ranging from $375 for a basic gown and tuxedo all the way to the designer gown and tuxedo package at $775, you can find everything you need in-house and make it easy on yourself.

If you’re the picky type, as many people are, there are certainly alternative options throughout Las Vegas that may suit your fancy.

Looking for a bigger selection

With many selections to choose from in this department, it is important to do a little research to find a company that suits your style when it comes to formal wear. Companies like Renta-Dress and Tux, Creative Bridal Wear or Bridal Elegance, can provide you with out of this world quality within a reasonable price right in downtown Las Vegas.

Since it is very common to do these things in a hurry in Vegas, they claim; and with the reviews to back them up; that they can dress a bride and groom within about an hour. Many will even offer you a free pickup service to and from your hotel! How about that, turning what could be a marathon into a comfortable sprint.

Where can we get our rings?

With so many tourists, degenerate gambling and last minute weddings, this has turned Vegas into a repo, pawn and, yes, jewelry mecca! There is a huge variety of jewelers scattered throughout the city of Las Vegas. So if you have not got this area sorted for your wedding yet, do not fear, the city of sin has got you covered.

Get your rock

Interestingly, the majority of resorts will have a jewelry/wedding band store right within their grounds. So it is likely that you won’t have to go too far to find rings that will be suitable for you and your spouse to be. If the shop within your hotel doesn’t quite have what you are looking for, companies like Michael E. Minden or Huntington Jewelers, are among the best wedding band dealers in Las Vegas and can provide you with the selection you need to make the right choice.

If you are up for doing a little of your own research further on this topic, here is a ranking of jewelers in Las Vegas, based on reviews.

As cheap as we can get

If you are looking at saving as much money as you can in this department, there are also some very cheap alternatives you could consider.

Las Vegas has many outlet malls where you may find a great deal on diamonds. Companies like D and R House of Diamonds,  offer discount rates on very respectable diamonds.

If you want to go cheaper still, you could even consider checking out one of the many, many pawn shops throughout Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Jewelry exchange or Gold and Silver Pawn Shop could provide you with an extremely great deal on what they have in stock and will get your wedding band problem solved lickity split.

How will we get to and from the venue?

Based on the venue that you choose for your wedding, the more expensive the nicer the shuttle and or transport to and from the venue will be. However if you have chosen a package that does not include transport, there are some traditional and unique options to consider.

Party-time limos

When choosing a traditional limo service, as many do because it will accommodate you and many of your guests all at once, it is best to do your research on quality and service.

Among the top-rated is Presidential Limousine, where you can get everything from a stretch limo seating 6 with Champagne included ($69/hr) all the way up to a stretch Hummer seating 14 ($125/hr) or Party bus seating 25 ($175/hr). You can look farther into their selection here.

Let’s talk sports cars

Certainly not recommended for your afterparty, but if you are looking for something original to drive to your wedding, why not pull up in an exotic car of your choosing! There are a few companies in town that make it easy for you to try out a large variety of sports cars!

Royalty Exotic Cars offers 24 hr specials on every brand from a Nissan GTR ($699) or a Lamborghini Aventador ($1999) all the way up to a Rolls-Royce Ghost ($1199)! For a more detailed look at their selection, you have a look at their stock here.

What Hotel would be best for me and my guests?

Panoramic night view of the famous Las Vegas strip

In the event that you are choosing to purchase a package at a hotel, staying at the hotel where the venue is, will be the best bet. However, if this is not the case then, for the sake of you and your guests (if you have any), this is a consideration that you should not take lightly.

Choosing the right hotel will be the difference between a great wedding and holiday for everyone in attendance and a mediocre forgettable one. Take into consideration, the age and habits of the majority of your guests; be it, the party animals, the fancy diners, the gamblers, the sightseers or the in bed at 7:45 type.

If you have a large group it may be necessary to split the group into a few different hotels as they will all have different tastes and preferences. Here are some main recommendations to get you started.

The party crew

The new centralized development in Las Vegas (which there is always a new and upcoming area in Las Vegas) always attracts the youthful party-going type.

The Aria, located in the city center makes it a great base camp for those guests looking to get out and experience the city. Within the hotel itself, there is the Liquid Pool Lounge and Haze the nightclub, so your party never even has to leave the hotel if they don’t want to.

Ranked among Las Vegas’ top party hotels, puts this hotel in the elite world-class! Did I mention that it is also one of the classiest and modern-looking hotels in the city? They have not left a stone unturned at the Aria and the average stay is around $469/night. Check it out here.

The Extravogents

If you and your crew are the fancy, money is no object type, looking for the ultimate pampering and luxury experience, then hotels like Wynn Las Vegas(avg. $985/night), Encore(avg.$985/night) and Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas (avg. $1,275/night) will give them everything they are looking for. With breathtaking views from every suite in this hotel and a triple 5-star luxury rating from Forbes, these hotels will give you the ultimate celebrity luxury stay in Las Vegas that you have always dreamed of.

With a huge array of five-star restaurants in the close vicinity, it makes it easy to spend a day drinking margaritas by the hotel pool and wander downstairs right into Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen for dinner. Be prepared to be blown away by the food but also by the damage to your wallet! This is a world-class place with world-class prices.

The Tight Budgeters

The wonderful thing about Las Vegas is that it caters to not only the mega-rich vacationers but the ones on a budget as well. It is possible to choose from one of the many budget hotels and still have a great time.

Because Las Vegas is very big and being close to the core of the city is very important, so that your guests do not have to walk extremely far; we will leave out the extremely cheap options on the outskirts.

Hotels like the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (avg. $220/night) and New York New York (avg. $180/night), can provide you with a centralized location and still a relatively luxury experience. Each with grand Casinos and restaurants on the ground floor, these reasonable prices make it intriguing for any party traveling to Vegas.

source source source

65 Amazing Ideas For How To Propose To Your Bridesmaids

You’ve said “yes” to your life partner so now it’s time for you to pop the question… to your bridesmaids! It’s important to show appreciation for your bridesmaids as they will be supporting you through thick and thin as the wedding draws nearer.

One great way to demonstrate your appreciation right off the bat is by having a great bridesmaid proposal.

Material items such as necklaces, wine labels, tote bags, plants, and fortune cookies are creative and personal ways to pop the question. If you’re not a material girl, take your future bridesmaids to the movies, on a mini-vacation, out to ice cream, or to the zoo.

Make sure your bridesmaids know you care by choosing a personal way to propose to them. Just as your partner offered you a ring when they got down on one knee, you should offer a symbol of your friendship.

Check out our list below of 65 amazing ideas for how to propose to your bridesmaids.

1.         Necklaces

Matching necklaces are a great way to show your appreciation and give each of your bridesmaids something they can wear on your wedding day. Get necklaces with each of their names on them, initials, or a simple circle or heart design. If the girls you’re asking have different tastes, then buy different necklaces from the same maker so the necklaces still have a similar look. Check out these necklaces on Etsy

2.         Bracelets

Bracelets are another great jewelry option and provide more room for personalized inscriptions. Engrave bracelets with their names or your wedding date. Thoughtful Impressions is a great website for personalized jewelry.

3.         Rings

Ariana Grande bought rings for all her girls and so can you! Show them how much you care by picking out friendship rings for each of your bridesmaids. Choose a simple band or look for hearts or flowers for your flashier sisters.

4.         Ankle bracelets

Ankle bracelets are an underrated form of jewelry and can be much less bothersome than other hand jewelry that can get in the way. Ankle bracelets are an especially good gift if you’re having a beach or barefoot wedding. Let that ankle bling shine!

5.         Piercings

If you and your bridesmaids are piercing enthusiasts than getting piercings together is a great bonding experience. Piercings are great because your friends can choose what they want. Maybe someone wants a nose piercing, but another is getting their ears pierced for the first time. Make sure all of your bridesmaids would find this activity fun before choosing it to pop the question.

6.         Tattoos

Similar to piercings, tattoos aren’t for everyone, so feel out the crowd before you propose this way. Get matching tattoos or tell your friends you’ll buy them any small tattoo of their choice. Every time they look at their tattoo, they’ll be reminded of you and the great memories they had of being your bridesmaid.

7.         Stick n Pokes

If you’re the artsy type, than giving your friends stick n pokes is a cheaper and more personal alternative to tattoos. For those of you who don’t know, stick n pokes are tattoos done at home with a needle and ink. You can give each of your bridesmaids a stick n poke of a design you created. If you’ve never done a stick n poke before, make sure to read up on how to perform one safely. You can get this great stick n poke kit from amazon. 

8.         Shirts

Matching shirts of your design are creative and fun. It also makes you stand out as a group and will be perfect to wear during your bachelorette party. Custom Ink is a great website for customizing t-shirts.

9.         Sashes

Sashes are fun to wear and scream “special occasion!” Get your girls bridesmaids sashes to wear during your bachelorette party, or even for a fun photoshoot after you pop the question.

10.       Watches

Watches are a useful and beautiful way to propose to your future bridesmaids. If your girls don’t wear jewelry often but you’d like to go the material route, get each of them a matching watch, or purchase different watches from the same company.

11.       Key chains

Key chains are cute, fun, and will go with your girls wherever they are! Pick out a keychain that represents your friendship and gift a different keychain to each girl. Try to choose keychains on the lighter side, as you don’t want a heavy keychain to make their keys bulky and cumbersome.

12.       Mugs

You’ve seen the matching husband/ wife mugs, but why not a bridesmaid mug? Buy all of your girls matching mugs that they can use before and after your special day. On your wedding day during the getting ready photos, the matching mugs will be an adorable addition.

13.       Wine label

Did you know you can personalize wine labels? Buy a bottle of wine for each of your girlfriends and personalize the label with their name or with “will you be my bridesmaid?” Check out iCustom Label for customized wine labels.

14.       Bath bomb

Who doesn’t love a good bath? Choose a different bath bomb for each of your friends and explain why you chose that one. For example, pick a fruity flavor because of someone’s colorful personality. Your girls will love hearing why you choose the bath bomb you did, and they’ll be able to relax well before the busy wedding preparations start.

15.       Shot glasses

Personalized shot glasses are a fun way to get the party started early! Get shot glasses with each girls’ name on it. The shot glasses will be great to bring on the bachelorette party. Check out Shutterfly for personalized shot glasses.

16.       Tote bag

Everyone loves a good tote bag for grocery carrying, as a beach bag, and everyday use! Gift each girl a bridesmaid tote bag or put their name on the tote. Etsy has some beautiful custom totes. With independent sellers, you can work with the maker to ensure the tote is exactly what you’re looking for.

17.       Hanger

Hangers are going to be a great asset to you and your bridesmaids on the big day. Give them hangers with their names on them to hang up their bridesmaids dress on. Look on Bridesmaids Hangers to shop around for the perfect personalized hanger.

18.       Plant with personalized pot

Do you and your friends have green thumbs? A plant is a gift that will live (ideally) forever and can be nurtured and cared for. It’s a great metaphor for your friendship. Choose a plant for each of your girlfriends and pop the question. You can even personalize the pot of the plant to say their name or your wedding date.

19.       Nail polish

Gift each girl nail polish that matches your wedding colors. That way, they won’t have to go far to look for the perfect color that matches their bridesmaids dress.

20.       Robe for wedding day

Everyone loves a good robe and matching robes are especially handy for cute getting ready pictures on your wedding day. Gift each girl a robe with their name embroidered on the front. They’ll be able to use it not only for your wedding day, but for the rest of their lives. 

21.       Chocolate box

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Order an assorted chocolate box to ask your friends to be by your side on your wedding day. Choose a different assortment based on the personality of each girl, or simple pick out the chocolates you know she’ll love.

22.       Cookies

Cookies are a great way to show your appreciation for someone. Gift each girl a box of her favorite type of cookie. Bonus points if you bake them yourself!

23.       Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies are a cute way to surprise your girlfriends. Invite them all over for a Chinese takeout night. When the meal is over, have them all break into their fortune cookies that will say “will you be my bridesmaid?” on the inside.  Check out this website to order personalized fortune cookies.

24.       Card

Nothing is more classic than a card! Pick out a card that you think your friend will love and write a meaningful message on the inside. If you want to jazz up the card a bit, make one yourself or add a gift card to their favorite store.

25.       Scratch-off Card

You can now order customizable scratch off cards. Your friend will receive a card and scratch off to read your secret message. Check out these bridesmaids proposal scratch off cards.

26.       Pajamas

Matching pajamas are not just for families on Christmas. Your girls will love having some soft matching PJs to wear throughout the year, and they’ll make for great pictures too. Pick out pajamas that you think each girl would love or get super fancy with it and embroider their name onto the front.

27.       Candle

Candles are great gifts in all seasons. Pick out a specific scent for each of your bridesmaids. You can also get customizable candles. Create a personalized label for each girl. They’ll think of you every time they light it up. Check out these customizable candles from Yankee Candle.

28.       Beer Koozie

If you and your friends are beer drinkers, there is nothing more useful than a beer koozie. Customize koozies for each one of your bridesmaids. Take the koozies along with you on your bachelorette party. Zazzle is a great website for personalizing koozies.

29.       Painting of all bridesmaids

If you and your bridesmaids have all been friends for a while, then commission an artist to make a painting of a photo you all have together. Old or new, your bridesmaids will be ecstatic to receive such a personal and thoughtful testament to your friendship.

30.       Crowns

Especially for Disney lovers, giving each of your bridesmaid a crown that says “bridesmaid” on it is the perfect gift for the princesses that you all are.

31.       Socks

Socks are exciting! Get each of your bridesmaids a pair of personalized socks. You can even choose socks decorated with their photo or even better, your own!

32.       Underwear

Underwear is an underrated gift. Everyone loves receiving a pair of new underwear. Whether it’s sexy, conventional, boyish, or comfortable, your bridesmaids will love a new pair.

33.       Matching journals

If your girlfriends love to write, give them each matching journals. You can gift them a small pocket journal so they can always have the journal close by. You can personalize journals on this website.

34.       Picture frame

Buy each bridesmaid a picture frame to put your favorite picture of the both of you in. This personal gift is sure to hit your bridesmaids right in their heart. You can also buy a personalized picture frame to go along with the picture you choose. Check out Frame It Easy to get started in your search for the perfect frame.

35.       Balloons

Balloons are for people of all ages! Buy your girlfriends a bridesmaid balloon. It’ll be a great showpiece at their home whenever anyone comes over. It’ll also make for an adorable post on social media.

36.       Macarons

Macarons are currently all the rage. Order and hand deliver each girl a colorful assortment of macarons. Your bridesmaids are sure to appreciate the beautiful gift. If there are no bakeries that make macarons in your area, you can order macrons online at ma-ka-rohn.

37.       Gift box of goodies

If you’d like to have a combination of the ideas above, create a gift box of goodies for your bridesmaids. Deliver each gift box by hand and enjoy seeing your friend’s face as she pulls out one personalized gift after another. Customize each box to your friends’ liking. Some may want a jewelry heavy box; others may want candies. 

38.       Movie theatre screen

Ask a local theatre if they can display the words “will you be my bridesmaids?” on the screen after a film. Take your girlfriends out to the movies and surprise them big! 

39.       Marquee sign 

If a theatre is unable to display the message on screen, ask if they’ll put it up on their bill board! Your girlfriends will love to see the message displayed for the public to view.

40.       Restaurant marquee

If you and your girls have a favorite restaurant, ask that restaurant to put up your message on their marquee. Take your girls out to eat and delight as they notice the sign.

41.       Radio proposal 

Call your local radio station and ask if the host if they will ask your friends to be your bridesmaids on air. Make sure they all tune in at the right time!

42.       Park proposal

If you’re nature lovers, take your girls out for a stroll in the park. Once you’re in a scenic spot you can pop the question. They won’t see it coming and will be pleasantly surprised.

43.       Volunteer proposal

For the charitable at heart, pick an organization you and your friends all care about. Ask if they’d like to volunteer with you for a few hours. After the event is over, ask them if they’d like to “volunteer” to be your bridesmaid.

44.       Vacation

While this option can get a bit pricy, if you have the funds go for it! Take your girlfriends on a small weekend vacation. You can do a road trip to a national park, big city, or even rent a hotel in your hometown. Pamper them as much as you can for a weekend. They’ll really appreciate it!

45.       Intimate dinner

Try to coordinate a time for all of your girls to come out to a nice intimate dinner with you. If schedules don’t line up, then take each girl to dinner individually. If you choose to take each person out alone ask your friend which restaurant they’d like to go to. You can decide how casual or fancy you’d like it to be. Pop the question during dessert.

46.       Spa treatment

Taking your girls out to a spa treatment is the perfect thank you gift. Get facials, massages, waxes, or a combination of everything. Pick a place you know they’ll love, and book in advance if you are all going at the same time. Make sure to coordinate schedules so you’re not having to go to the spa every day for a week! 

47.       Surprise them at work with flowers

Work can be dreary so sending them flowers is the perfect way to brighten up their work day. Have them delivered to their desk with the message “will you be my bridesmaid?” Try to schedule the flowers towards the end of the day. Otherwise they’ll be so excited that it might make the rest of the day go by in a drag.

48.       Coffee date

If time is short or if you and your girls really love coffee take each girl out on a coffee date. Have them pick their favorite spot and treat them to a cup and a scone. If you want to have a little gift to go along with the date, put together a small goodie bag with a mug and their favorite coffee beans.

49.       Cocktail hour

You and your friends most likely have a busy schedule. If you can’t make a time during the weekend work, pick a convenient place for an after-work cocktail hour. Ask them to meet you at 6 o’clock and buy your girls their favorite drink. It’ll be the perfect way to decompress after a long day and they’ll love hearing the news together.

50.       Boozy Brunch

If brunch is your favorite meal, take your friends out for some French toast and mimosas. Schedule on a weekend and make sure you all have rides home! If you can’t coordinate a date together, then be sure to take each individual out for a personal bruch with you.

51.       Go to a farm

For animal lovers out there or for those who live in rural communities, going to a farm is a fun, new, and awesome date to take your future bridesmaids on. Ask them the question when riding on a tractor or while horseback riding. Your bridesmaids are sure to be amoooosed.

52.       Apple/ fruit picking

Depending on the season, apple, blueberry, strawberry, or raspberry picking is a fun bonding activity to do with your future bridesmaids. Take them out to pick the fruit of their choosing. If you’d like, you can purchase the fruit for each bridesmaid. Fruit orchards are often connected to larger farms that offer other activities so you can turn the fruit picking into a whole day excursion.

53.       Ocean or lake

If you live near a body of water whether it be an ocean, lake, or river, have a beach day with your ladies! If the water you live by is not swimmable, then spend time walking along the shore or take a hike in nearby woods. Enjoy some fun in the sun with your best friends before you ask them to be next to you on your big day.

54.       Picnic

Picnics are a great way to spend quality time together outdoors. Ask each of your bridesmaids to bring their favorite picnic dish, and you supply the main meal, blanket, basket, and picnic games. Choose a park, beach, or favorite spot you all have. Tuck into a cozy meal and don’t forget to bring the wine!

55.       Ice cream date

Ice cream dates are a great casual way to ask your friend to be your bridesmaid. Ice cream is a wonderful idea if you have busy schedules but still want to make sure to take the time to ask your bridesmaid in a caring way. To put the cheery on top, you can also order a custom printed tub of ice cream for your bridesmaid. The website Alibaba is the way to go if you’re looking for some printable ice cream containers.

56.       Go to the zoo

Another great outing for animal lovers is the zoo! If you have a zoo near you, coordinate a weekend for all of your future bridesmaids to get together and take an afternoon looking at animals. Your friends will be ‘otterly’ psyched to spend a day with you looking at the animals. At the end of your trip, take them to the gift shop and let each girl pick out the stuffed animal of their choice.

57.       Sporting event

For those of you who love sports, treat your girlfriends to a baseball, basketball, or any of your local sporting team games. If you have time to travel, take a road trip together to support your favorite teams. After the game is over get some drinks together and pop the question.

58.       Camping

For those adventurous friend groups, camping is an amazing bonding experience. And what better location to ask if they’ll be your bridesmaids than over a crackling fire with smores. All of you can work together to gather the camping equipment and go shopping before you leave for the food you’ll want.

59.       Arcade

Take your friends for a night out at the arcade! Drum up some friendly rivalry by playing games together. If you get lucky and win, give your prizes to your girlfriends. They’ll love spending an evening gaming with you.

60.       Bike ride

Find a nice long trail and take a bike ride together. You can plan some pitstops along the way, so make sure to have your bike locks on you. Plan to stop for ice cream, lunch, and coffee at the end. Treat your friends to the food along the way and ask them the question on your last stop.

61.       Airbnb vacation

Airbnb popularity is on the rise and is an affordable way to get out of your house and have a small vacation. Rent an Airbnb downtown for a night out with you and your girls. Even if you’re staying in the same town, it’ll be great fun to stay somewhere else for a change.

62.       Manicure/ Pedicure

Have a mani pedi day with your girls. Schedule a time when you all are free and book ahead so you can get seats next to each other. Ask them to be your bridesmaids right when they arrive, and spend the rest of the time talking about how excited you are. 

63.       Write and perform a song

If you like songwriting and play the guitar or piano, writing and performing a song for your bridesmaids is the way to go. If you like this idea but can’t think of an original tune, write a funny remix on a familiar tune. This is easier than it might seem. You can even turn your Disney favorites into a cute proposal song. Take Frozen’s “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” and turn it into “Do You Want To Be My Bridesmaid?”

64.       Photo shoot

Ask all of your bridesmaids to dress up and meet you in a scenic location. After you pop the question, surprise them with an impromptu photoshoot! You’ll have a fun bonding experience together and the girls will have fun getting dolled up for the camera.

65.       Just ask!

While it is nice to pull out all the stops it is certainly not necessary. The groom does not have any social pressure to ask his groomsmen in a certain way, and neither should you! Your bridesmaids know how much you care about them from the years of friendship you’ve shared. Just go ahead and ask. They’re bound to say yes!

What To Do When Your Parents Are Not Coming To Your Wedding

If your parents are not coming to your wedding, there are plenty of great alternatives to traditional parental roles. Parents often have large roles at weddings, but the truth is weddings are not about your parents. They’re about you!

Here are some tips if your parents will not be in attendance.

If your parents won’t be coming to your wedding, the responsibility of giving away the bride can be taken up by a friend, or relative. Replace father-daughter dances with friend dances & take fun family photos with all of your closest relatives. Have Memorials in the service for the deceased.

Sometimes that fairytale wedding just isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life, with or without your parents in attendance.

Here is my breakdown of what to do if your parents are not coming to your wedding. I’ll cover disapproving parents, sick parents, estranged parents, and parents who have passed away.

What to Do When Your Parents Disapprove

If your parents do not approve of who you are about to marry, you are not alone. Parents all around the world pass harsh judgments over the person their child is committing to spend forever with. Although having your parents’ support is probably preferable and less stressful, the company of your parents is not needed for a wedding to take place.

Sometimes, especially between future sons and daughters-in-law it just takes a bit of time to get to know their new inlaws, if this is the case for you then you may want to read through my detailed article on how to bond with your father-in-law.

Giving away the bride

Wedding traditions are antiquated in many ways. Modern brides are increasingly choosing to get rid of old traditions regardless of if their parents will be present. One of these traditions is the giving away of the bride.

Brides have chosen to eliminate this traditional ritual because it implies the bride is property being handed from one man to the next. Also, it’s something that isn’t exclusive to same-sex marriage, so the following tips work for any type of union.

The verbiage used by the officiant can be altered if your parents are not there to “give you away.” In a traditional script, the officiant would state, “Who gives this woman to be married to his man?” The response would be the father saying, “I do”, or mother and father stating, “we do.” 

As an alternative, have the officiant say something along the lines of, “Who has the honor of presenting this woman to be married to this man?” You can designate a close relative or friend to answer, “On behalf of her loving friends and family, I do.” This response highlights the great support system you have, even if it does not include your parents.

Walking down the aisle

The giving away of the bride traditionally occurs after the bride’s father walks her down the aisle. If your father is not coming to your wedding but you would still like to be walked down the aisle, think of other significant men or women in your life. Uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, or good friends could all join you on your walk. This day is about you, so whoever and whatever makes you the most comfortable is the most important.

Sadly my father-in-law passed away before I met my wife, and it was something which really upset her whenever the topic came up. But we decided to honor her Dad with a special photograph as a memorial and my wife’s uncle accompanied her down the aisle.

Of course, do not have to have anyone walk you down the aisle. You don’t have to be given away. You can make the statement that you are choosing this for yourself, and don’t need anyone leading you there. All eyes will be on you anyway, so no one will make a fuss that no one is walking with you.

If you decide to walk yourself down the aisle, when the officiant asks, “who gives this woman to be married to this man?” You can reply, “I do”, or “I do, with the blessing of my friends and family.” You can also skip this part altogether. If you’d wish to not draw attention to you walking down the aisle alone, the officiant does not have to officially ask who is giving you away to be married.

Father-daughter dance

The father-daughter dance is another aspect of your wedding that may give you anxiety if your parents can’t embrace your marriage. Feel free to omit this dance altogether or replace it with another meaningful tradition. Have a dance with your brother, uncle, aunt, cousin, or a good friend. Instead of a slow dance, have a fun choreographed dance with the important people in your life.

Remember that your wedding day is about you and your partner. If your parents disapprove do not beat yourself up about it or spend time trying to convince them otherwise. If you have to twist their arm to come, they might cause drama or make your day extra stressful.

If you are worried about any guests being a problem at your wedding, then check out my article on dealing with difficult wedding guests.

It is not uncommon for parents to not be at the wedding, so don’t worry about being “the person whose parents didn’t show up”. The people who love you will be by your side, and it won’t matter to them that your parents choose not to come. Even if your wedding does not check all of the traditional boxes, it will be the perfect ceremony for you and your future spouse.

If Your Parents Are Too Sick To Come

Sometimes your parents very much want to be at your wedding but cannot make it because they are too sick. There are a few things you can do to make them a part of your special day.

House-ridden parents

If your parents are too sick to leave the house, consider having a small back yard wedding. You can hold your wedding in your backyard and have your parents witness the affair within the comfort of a place they are familiar with. While they may not be able to walk you down the aisle or dance with you, they’ll be extremely touched that they are still able to witness your special day.

Hospital patients

If your parents are in the hospital, consider having a very small ceremony in the hospital room they are in with just you, your spouse, and the officiant. They will be able to be your witness and see you on one of the happiest days of your life. Often hospitals will have a religious center or specially designated room which you can use if organized in advance.

If you would like to have a large party with friends, hold two separate ceremonies. Get married first in front of your parents in an intimate setting, and then hold a second ceremony where you walk down the aisle at the venue of your choice. You could also get married in the hospital, and then hold a large reception with your friends and family after.


If you booked your wedding venue before your parents were hospitalized or you have been set on getting married at a specific location for years, don’t feel guilty about not being able to get married at the hospital if your parents are bedridden. With Skype, FaceTime, and Google Chat, your parents can still be a part of your big day even if they are not physically present. In some cases, parents may even prefer this. Have a trusted friend or family member video call them into your ceremony.

As a nice touch, pay them a visit after the ceremony and before your reception starts. Your parents will be thrilled to see you in your wedding best. If you are unable to visit them after your ceremony, pay them a visit before you say, “I do.” They’ll be extremely touched that you went out of your way to see them on your big day.

Wedding video

Churches sometimes have strict rules regarding cellphone use. If your parents are unable to be called in for whatever reason, be sure to get a videographer for your wedding. Have the event captured, and then hold a viewing party with your parents. You, your new spouse, and your parents can all watch your ceremony together. Consider watching the tape for the first time with your parents so you can both experience it together. If your parents are able, you can all dress up for the viewing to make it feel extra special.

You Haven’t Spoken To Your Parents In Years

Perhaps you haven’t spoken to your parents for years, and there was never any doubt in your mind that they would not be coming to your wedding. In some ways, this can be less painful than having a parent who may or may not come. Although still undoubtfully hard, you have the certainty of their absence on your side.

Changing traditions

Similar to my advice regarding disapproving parents, you can alter the tradition of walking down the aisle. Feel free to walk yourself down the aisle or pick a loved one that means a lot to you. Whoever you choose will be honored to fill in. You can also choose to choreograph a dance with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or best friends instead of having a father-daughter dance.

If you like slow dancing, consider having a dance where all the important people in your life take turns dancing with you. The dance can still be the length of an average song, with each person getting a verse. Dance with your friends, aunts, uncles, or grandparents. There are many people in your life who are there to love and support you. This dance is your chance to showcase your appreciation for each and every one of them. 

Planning your wedding photos

Another painful aspect of weddings when parents are absent are pictures. Often after the ceremony, the photographer will take time to get shots with the family. Every combination of family member possible will be photographed, with mother/ daughter, nuclear family, father/ daughter, etc.

If your parents are not coming to your wedding, be sure to notify your photographer so they do not make the mistake of asking about your mother or father. Notifying them in advance will save you both some awkwardness and embarrassment.

Even if your parents aren’t there to take wedding photos with you this doesn’t mean you can’t take some awesome photos with your surrogate family. If there was a person or people who acted as parents to you during your time of estrangement don’t be afraid to take pictures with them like they are your mom and dad.

You can also take this opportunity to shoot a bunch of awesome pictures with your friends. Have goofy bridesmaids and groomsmen pictures. Have the photographer set the photos up to make it look like your bridesmaids are your mother and father. You can have a lot of fun with this, and odds are your wedding party will have no complaints about having extra time in the spotlight.

Your Parents Passed Away Before Your Wedding

If your parents have passed recently or passed even before you met your fiancé (as in mine and my wife’s case), there are a number of ways you can honor them at your wedding.

Blessings from beyond the grave

After you have walked down the aisle (either with someone or alone), have the officiant ask, “Does this couple have the blessing of their family for marriage?” If you walked alone, you can say “I give my blessing with the knowledge that (name of deceased parent) loved and supported this partnership.”

If someone else walks you down the aisle, they can answer “On behalf of those who are with us now and those who have passed, I give my blessing.” There are many variations of these phrases, so be sure to take your time to think of the wording that works best for you and your partner.

Honoring the memory of a deceased parent

If you wish to honor your parents’ memory at your wedding without making the tone of your day feel too somber, try these simple yet effective ways to include them.

1. Hold a moment of silence during your ceremony

Observing a moment of silence is a very pointed way for you and your guests to remember your late parent. Reflect upon your fond memories of them and feel their presence alongside you.

2. Include a white rose in your bouquet

A subtle way to include the memory of your loved parent is to add a single white rose to your bouquet. The rose is symbolic of your love for them and the grief you feel in their absence.

3. Put photos in your bouquet

Pinning photos of your parents in your bouquet is a beautiful way to honor them. It’s the little details that really count. Choose our favorite photos of them with you, when they were young, or when they were getting married. You can place as many as you’d like but try not to overwhelm your bouquet with pictures. If there are too many great photos to choose from, check out my next tip.

4. Set up a table in their memory

At your reception reserve a memory table for your parents. Set up pictures and memorabilia from there life. Because you’ll have a whole table to work with, you can really get creative with the photos you choose. Include photos from their youth to their old age, making sure to get some good ones from their wedding day.

5. Reserve a seat for them

During the wedding ceremony and during the reception, reserve a seat at the front for your parents. While this tip leans more on the somber side, it’s great if you want to acknowledge their presence and feel them with you there.  

6. Add a note in your program

A great way to honor the deceased is to leave a note about them in your program or even on your invitations. It can be as simple as “we dedicate this wedding to the loving memory of…” or it could be a longer paragraph about your parents and their support of your marriage. 

7. Include a flower arrangement at the alter

Placing a flower arrangement in their memory at the alter is a beautiful way to honor your parents. The flowers symbolize their presence so your parents will be close by when you say “I do.” A flower arrangement by the alter or on at the front of the venue will make for some beautiful pictures as well.

8. Give a toast

Weddings are full of toasts made by bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents. After everyone has made their toast, stand up and give your own toast to your parents. Speak to their memory, their support of your marriage, and your love for them. However, just be aware that emotions run high at weddings, so be sure both you and your spouse agree to do this.

9. Light a candle for them at the reception

If you’re not one with words, after toasts you can instead opt to light a candle for them in their honor. Choose a durable (and beautiful!) candle that will burn for the majority of the night.

10. Donations to a charity they supported

Instead of having a wedding registry, pick a charitable organization your parents supported. You can ask for people to donate to the organization in lieu of receiving wedding gifts. It’s especially poignant if your parent was the victim of an illness that needs more research to find a cure.

How To Support Your Partner If Their Parents Aren’t Coming To Your Wedding

Personally speaking, my parents are still alive and well but Lea, my beautiful wife, lost her Dad about five years before we met. unsurprisingly, she is still very emotional about it and as our wedding got nearer and nearer the more upset she got. I wanted to support her in any way I could and we even made the 4-hour drive to visit his graveside to get his blessing. That was a small price to pay to ease the pain my wife felt about her loss.

Make the situation known

Your parents may be coming to the wedding, but your partner’s parents may not be. The most important thing you can do is empathize with your partner. It can’t be easy to have your parents miss this big day, so be kind and thoughtful when speaking to them on the subject.

You should also tell your family about the situation so your partner does not have to. Be sure to tell your relatives outside of your nuclear family (or designate a nuclear family member to do so.) This will minimize any questions being asked at the wedding that may make your partner feel uncomfortable.

Make as many accommodations for your partner as possible and support their needs no matter how you personally feel. Ask your partner what wedding traditions they may want to change and be the first person to enact them. Knowing that you are supportive of them will help tremendously in calming their nerves and will be the first step to the perfect wedding you both deserve. 

Look to the future

If remembering a deceased parent on your special day is really too painful, even though you’re unlikely to forget them, try to distract yourself.

Place more focus on you as a couple and your lives together as the years and decades unfold. Cut out anything which is going to bring the mood down and make sure that you don’t give yourself too much of a lull between proceedings to allow your mind to wander.

Ultimate Guide: Planning A Wedding When Time Is Really Short

Contrary to popular practice, putting on a great wedding in six months, three months or even one month is completely possible. While perhaps stress-inducing, (but let’s face it, isn’t all wedding planning?) planning your wedding when time is really short is all about organization and prioritization. And hey, a few friends and family helpers never hurt.

The most important steps to planning a wedding on short notice are to prepare the legal paperwork, set a budget, secure a venue and vendors, choose your wedding party, pick a dress, and establish who your guests will be. The details will come into place as you plan, so don’t worry about them first.

If you have a half year, a quarter of a year, or just 30 days to plan we have the resources for you to help get you successfully on your way to saying “I do.”

Follow our steps below and you’ll be sure to be on the right path to your perfect wedding.

When You Have Six Months to Plan

While most people allow a year to a year and a half to plan a wedding, planning in six months is definitely doable.

In fact, Lea and I planned our first wedding in a little under that. I proposed while we were on vacation in Iceland in January and we had our civil ceremony in Hong Kong that June, including planning international flights for family. I have to say that my wife is a superstar because she then went on to plan our second, and bigger, family wedding the following April.

As long as you stay organized and focused, you’ll have a successful wedding that is as stress-free as possible. Planning a wedding in a shorter period of time may actually be more effecting and reduce stress, as you have less time to overthink the details and second guess your choices.


The first thing you should do when you sit down with your fiancé is to plan a budget. Budgets are extremely important and will allow you to realistically look at what you can and cannot have at your wedding. Budgets also ensure any must-haves (a specific photographer or catering you can’t live without) will be included in your wedding.

Along with setting the price point, decide who will be paying for what, and how much each person is expected to pay. The more detailed your budget the better! Think of every possible thing you’ll have to purchase for the big day and make sure to account for any contributions your family may or may not be making.

Wedding venue

Your wedding venue is the next item on your list to tackle. Some extremely sought-after venues may already be booked, but if you are dying to get into a specific place, try opening up your date flexibility. Sometimes popular venues are not booked on Fridays or Sundays, so consider your options carefully. You can also consider venues that are non-traditional, such as a museum, art gallery, or restaurant.

My sister-in-law thought a bit outside the box and booked a local Rugby club for hers and my brother’s wedding reception. As it didn’t normally cater for weddings, they got a bargain and were able to keep to their low budget of $12,000 for the entire wedding day and honeymoon.

Wedding vendors

Like venues, wedding vendors should be booked as soon as possible. Because your timeline is shorter, stay local to find vendors that are available. Vendors you should be thinking about include music (DJ or live band?), photographers (possibly a videographer too?), florists, caterers, and the person who will make your cake.

You’ll also need to find an officiant in most cases unless working with a venue that actually provides its own. If you are worried about who will actually marry you, check out our article on how to get the best officiant for you and your partner.

There are always more people to reach out to, so don’t be dismayed if the first couple of places are already booked. Remember, it helps if you are not getting married on a Saturday, as most vendors will be booked on this popular day to get hitched.

If you want to have an engagement shoot, it’s important to get one scheduled as soon as you find your photographer. That way you can have the same photographer for your wedding and engagement shoot (although this is not necessary, some people like it for the consistency of style.) You can also use these photos for your save the dates when you send them out.


Once all of your vendors and location established, you can start focusing on your guest list. Look at your budget and determine how many guests it allots. You and your fiancé should plan who you would like to invite, and if you’d like you can show the list to your parents and ask them if there are any additional people they would like to invite.

When your guest list is made, reserve a block of rooms at a hotel for your guests that will need to travel from out of town. Hotel blocks are often available at a discounted price. As an alternative, you could also book a large Airbnb with multiple rooms for your out of town guests.

Wedding party

One of the most fun aspects of planning a wedding is establishing your wedding party. There’s nothing more special than sharing an intimate part of your special day with the men and women who are closest to you. Try looking for dresses or tuxes that are available from popular retailers (not wedding-specific) so the short timeline is not an issue.

Wedding website

Create your wedding website so it is easy for your guests to RSVP and see your registry, maps to the venue, venue details, and dress code. Of course, your love story and a few cute pictures are always a good touch too. After your website is up, send out your save the dates.

Some printing companies will print your guests’ addresses on the envelopes for you, saving you lots of time. As you work on your ‘save the dates’, start designing your wedding invitations and order them quickly so they will come in in plenty of time to mail.

Four months to go…

Hire minor vendors

At about four months until the wedding, start to hire your more minor vendors. These vendors can include hair and makeup, and transportation to and from your wedding to the reception. Of course, hiring a vendor for hair and makeup is optional. You can do it yourself or get a close friend or family member to make you up for the big day.

Wedding rings

You should also be getting your wedding bands four months before you say “I do.” If you want a matching set from your engagement ring, shop at the same store your significant other got your engagement ring. Take some time together to visit jewelry stores to find the rings you love.

Also, plan for some hiccups, when Lea took her advice and went with her mother’s suggested private jeweler she actually cried when she saw the ring, and not in a good way. We had to get the ring from somewhere else and luckily we’d left enough time!

Alternatively, you can go now a non-traditional route and not even have wedding rings. Here are 41 real alternatives to wedding bands that we have researched just for you.

Wedding menu

After your beautiful bands have been picked out, plan your menu and start cake tasting! Compromise on flavors, you both love. Make sure that you remember to cater to guests with specific dietary needs which you should inquire about on your wedding invitations or during your phone calls confirming attendance. Once cake testing is done, start thinking of where you’ll go on your honeymoon.


To keep the price down, visit somewhere in the United States and take a road trip. Road trips can be a very romantic and great way to bond. Go to a national park together or visit a big city like Las Vegas or Boston.

Of course, if money is no object you will probably find this part of the planning the simplest to sort out. Remember that you can get some great last-minute deals if you are flexible about location and departure dates. Also, if you can plan your wedding for winter rather than summer, you may get some really spectacular deals. See this article we wrote on December weddings.

Sending out invitations

Since your invitations are already ordered, send them out once they arrive. Invitations should be sent around three months in advance so you can plan for who is coming and not. After invitations are sent, you can start to focus on your bachelor and bachelorette parties. Usually the best man and maid of honor plan the parties but make sure you know what day, time, and how long your party will be. 

Two months to go…

Around two months before your wedding, order your marriage license. This is a major deal, and there will be no wedding without it! Visit your country clerk to get your marriage license. Also during this time frame, try a hair and makeup trial. This is important whether you’re getting it done professionally or having a friend do it. You want to feel secure that you’ll look your best on your special day!

One month to go…

A month before the big day is the time to confirm all the little details. Make sure all of your vendors know what time they need to be ready. Create a timeline for your wedding day so the vendors, bridal party members, and others heavily involved in the wedding (parents, etc.) know exactly what’s happening when.

All of your RSVP’s should be in at this time, so make a seating chart for the reception to ensure everyone has a place to eat and celebrate. As the month ends and your big day nears, remember to enjoy yourself. It’s natural to feel stressed, so make sure you are communicating your feelings with the people who are close to you. No need to hold anything in! Savor your last few days being someones’ fiancé(e), and let the good times roll!

When You Have Three Months to Plan

Three months to plan a wedding is doable, but you need to be decisive. No hemming and hawing over every specific detail. That being said, you can still have a great wedding that all parties are happy with.

When you have three months to plan, it’s important that the first thing that gets done is the legalities. Make sure you have an appointment with the county clerk to get your license as soon as possible. After the legalities are done, here is a list of everything that should be completed three months before you say “I do.”

  • Decide on your guest list
  • Choose a date-Book a venue. Look at non-traditional venues such as a backyard, restaurant, or national parks.
  • Send out electronic save the dates
  • Hire a wedding planner. Although not necessary, in a time crunch a wedding planner can help you manage your stress and get your head on straight.
  • Book a photographer and videographer if you’d like professional documentation.
  • Figure out your music. Band or DJ?
  • Go dress and suit shopping. Shop local to expedite the process.
  • Ask your wedding party to purchase their outfits. Many brides have found beautiful dresses on Amazon Prime. We love that 2-day shipping!-Order your wedding cake

If you are going to buy a wedding dress online, then you should check out my article on the pros and cons of doing this.

Two months to go…

Two months before your wedding should be focused on planning details and your honeymoon. This is crunch time, but no need to stress. When planning a wedding in 3 months technically it’s all crunch time! Here’s what we suggest you do in month 2.

  • Figure out where you want to go on your honeymoon. If you are traveling overseas make sure your passports are not expired and will not expire in the next four months.
  • Send out your wedding invitations. Ask for people to RSVP online so it’s easier and faster to record who’s coming. Set up your wedding website to streamline RSVPs.
  • Set the date for your bachelor and bachelorette parties. Your maid of honor and best man should be on this, but you should definitely be in on a date that works best for you.
  • Have a hair and makeup trial day Buy your wedding bands
  • Book wedding transport to and from your venue/ reception and accommodations for your out of town guests.

One month to go…

One month before the wedding is an exciting time! You’ll be feeling like a chicken with its head cut off, but this is normal even for brides who plan for years. Don’t panic. Everything will be fine. In the final month, here’s what you should be focused on.

  • Make the final alterations to your wedding dress
  • Confirm the details of your wedding décor
  • Confirm all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen have their outfits ready for the special day
  • Taste your cake and finalize the wedding menu. 
  • Make a seating chart with the guests who have RSVP’d. Call the guests who have not RSVP’d. You don’t want to assume they’re not coming and then not have a seat for them!

Although this may look like a daunting list (and in some ways, it is!) It should be doable if you keep the following tips in mind.

Make quick decisions. You do not have time to be indecisive. You may have to compromise on some details if things are not going precisely your way. If you do have to compromise, don’t let it weigh you down. You don’t have time to be focused on something that didn’t work your way. Move on as quickly as you can.

Hire a wedding planner. This will make your life much more streamlined. Look into wedding planners who have experience planning weddings on a short timeline in order to give you peace of mind. They’ll know exactly what to do and when and will be able to calm your nerves when you’re feeling queasy.

Remember to have fun and relax. Even though every decision might seem like the end of the world, it really isn’t! What you’ll remember most from the day is how wonderful it was to spend time with all of your best friends and loved ones. And of course, how amazing it feels to finally be married to the love of your life.

Planning in One Month… Is it Possible?

In short, yes. Planning a wedding in one month is possible but not for the faint of heart. It’s going to be a jam-packed month, and you are going to have to work quickly, be organized, and you cannot be picky.

Make sure your partner is going to be in the planning with you. If you split the work 50-50, planning a wedding in a month is much more manageable than if you have to do it all alone.

Much like in 6-month and 3-month planning, you must pick a date, have a clear budget, and find a venue very quickly. You cannot be picky about the venue. Try to think of non-traditional venues such as national parks, restaurants, backyards, or local parks. After you have picked out your venue, time to invite your guests.

Make it all legal!

However, your NUMBER ONE task is to get your marriage license as soon as possible! This is often the spanner in the works when it comes to planning a very last minute wedding, so make sure you head on over to the town hall or county court first thing tomorrow morning!

Inviting guests

There is no need for ‘save the dates’, instead, send out e-invitations. Ask guests to RSVP as soon as possible and electronically so your process of seeing who’s coming is streamlined.

Wedding party

Once you have invited your guests, get your bridal party together. When planning is done in a month, it’s best to ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to pick out their own dresses and tuxes. You can request that they match the color theme but having them pick their own outfit will save your time and their money.

Last-minute vendors

Remember to be flexible about your choices. If no videographer or photographer is available, reach out to mutual friends that you know have good camera skills. However, before you ask an amateur, read our article on whether or not to hire a professional videographer.

Look at local smaller vendors who are more likely to be flexible in helping you. Local caterers are the way to go for finding help at short notice.

Ask around to see if you have any connections with someone who would be able to DJ for you. If you know of a local band, you can also ask them if they’ll play at your reception. Being realistic about what you can and can’t have at such a short notice is imperative in making sure you aren’t disappointed on your big day.

If you can’t have music or don’t really want it then your reception isn’t ruined, check out my article on 25 surprisingly fun ways to have a dance-free wedding.

Whether you have 6, 3, or 1 month to plan for your wedding, remember to relax and have fun. Your wedding is really just a giant party that you have the pleasure to plan. There are rare occasions when all of you and your fiancé’s loved ones are in the same area and best yet they’re there to celebrate your love.

Relax, enjoy the whirlwind, and remember that you’re embarking on a new journey as a married couple. This is one of the most exciting times of your life so be sure to enjoy it to the fullest.