About – Wedding Zest

WeddingZest.com is a little project for my wife and I where we share our experience in planning two separate weddings within the space of 12 months. Yes, you read that correctly, two different weddings.

Although we are not professional wedding planners, we came up against a lot of common issues in wedding planning as well as some very unique ones for our own situation.

The topics and advice explored on this website are designed to help anyone who is planning their own wedding and has questions about what to do next. It’s also aimed at helping everyone else involved in the celebration of marriage from relatives to guests to those who work in the industry.

Weddings have been written about a lot on the internet, but we wanted to cover some of the topics we felt personally passionate about as well as those we felt hadn’t been covered in enough detail. Please remember that for the most part, the information given is that of advice rather than professional guidance. Whenever possible facts and figures are backed up with official records and are not given lightly.