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How To Choose A Wedding Officiant To Make Your Day Perfect

Of all the plans a bride and groom must make, choosing an officiant is perhaps the least discussed task but one of the most important to the actual day.

So what are the key things to remember when choosing the officiant who will marry you?

Choosing the perfect officiant requires you to have a clear vision of your wedding day beforehand. Be sure to interview several candidates & do your research on each of them. Don’t be afraid to make demands & don’t compromise unless absolutely necessary. Also, give yourself plenty of time to choose.

If you are coming up to making this choice for your special day, you’ll want to read my tips and advice below. I’ve compiled the key ideas you have to think about before hiring your officiant, so read on for more information.

An officiant can make or break a wedding ceremony

So you are counting down the days to THE day after that impressive proposal evening you and your fiancé(e) spent together. After posting on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and getting warmhearted blessings from friends, co-workers, and families, it is now the exciting part of planning out the wedding and making this celebration memorable for those who have been cheering for you both all along your journey together

Besides the seemingly important elements that complement the wedding, such as the dress, the gift list, the venue, one of the most underestimated element is picking an appropriate wedding officiant to not only host an impressive wedding experience but also to provide that meaningful moment to bring the bride and the groom together forever.

Picking out a wedding officiant is critical, as he or she will most likely be the person that catches the most attention, except for the happy couple of course. Therefore, the wedding officiant’s performance at the wedding could almost make or break your guests’ experience to say the least. I have been to many weddings myself, religious weddings, civil ones, cross-cultural ones as well as weddings in English, French and Chinese.

I have personally experienced the highs and lows of certain wedding officiants who could either bring people to the edge of their seats or just played a lackluster role that you wouldn’t remember much after leaving that wedding.

Important decisions to make before choosing an officiant

To make matters easier and to break it into parts, If you and your fiancé(e) are involved in a certain religious group, it would be straightforward to have the head of that place of worship conduct the vows, statements, and other religious related rituals.

If you and your fiancé(e) are planning a civil wedding ceremony or one without a specific religious emphasis, then I really recommend that you narrow down your search with a list of certain criteria to help you pick out the most suitable wedding officiant for your special day.

The first thing on the list should be fairly easy. Decide whether you want to have a religious-themed wedding service. If that’s what you want, then job done! Trust in your Priest, Rabbi, Imam, etc. they know what to do!

If you and your future spouse aren’t theists, then carry on reading for my top tips on how to choose a wedding officiant who rocks.

4 important questions

Here are the four questions to research about the officiant:

  • Does this person have a proven record to confidently speak out in front of a crowd?
  • Does this person share a similar wedding value or cultural background as you?
  • Can you rehearse with him or her more than once to prevent unexpected hiccups during the service?
  • Has this wedding officiant served your style of wedding venue and agenda before and how did he or she do?

So, let’s go into a little more detail about these questions and exactly what you should be looking for so that you can tick each and every box. Grab a pen and take notes, because this is going to be useful stuff to remember!

Proven record to speak confidently in front of a crowd.

As much as this seems like a no brainer, you would be surprised how many wedding officiants can’t live up to this basic standard.

The confidence here is not just in presenting every detail of the service correctly, but also to keep the audience fully engaged and interacting rigorously throughout your wedding.

It takes a strong personality to deliver such a high energy packed event versus “just getting the tasks done”. Your guests will fully appreciate a charismatic, humorous, and elegant officiant more than one who simply ticks off everything on their list and then calls it a day.

A memorable wedding service revolving around a memorable performance by the wedding officiant will not only leave your guests with warm impressions of you as newlywed, but some of those same guests who might soon get married will continue to refer back to that impressive wedding party that you and your fiancé(e) organized.

So what would be some good ways to figure out if the wedding officiant meets your requirements or not? Check out some of his or her video performances in past weddings (remember to pick the weddings similar to your style) or even find out if he or she will do any officiant works prior to your wedding date.

Of course, it would be poor taste to crash the wedding (check out this article I wrote which explains how to stop this at your own wedding) but you could approach the other couple through your prospective officiant and get a copy of the wedding video. At the very least, they may give you their take on the performance the officiant gave.

I suggest you start talking to the officiants at least 3 months ahead of your wedding if not more so you and your partner can have enough time to measure his or her ability.

Getting the wedding service you want

For the religious specific weddings, it is obvious you would want the officiant to thoroughly understand your religion and to conduct the wedding the proper way, any civil ceremony should also take your core values and shared background with your future spouse into consideration too.

You want to interview the officiant and figure out his or her personality more before you confirm that you want to work with that officiant. If you and your fiancé(e) tend to view the wedding ceremony in a more lighthearted, humorous, and laid back way, you do not want to pick an officiant who is more uptight and serious during the vows, ceremony, and so on; and vice versa.

Sometimes, it’s a question of mixing more than one traditional or cultural approach to weddings. Since cross-cultural weddings are more prevalent nowadays, you want an officiant who can understand both of the cultures and respect them without coming off in a mocking or teasing way.

I once attended a wedding with a black groom and an Asian bride in Taiwan. The officiant tried to get some laughter out of the congregation and to engage the participants by commenting in a joking way on the skin of this couple’s future children.

Sure it brought laughter from some of the tables, but for others who had a better understanding of both cultures, it was a fairly offensive and quite disturbing, to say the least. There was some awkward tension afterward for some guests as you could imagine.

So, if you fall into this category, as my wife and I did, you need to make sure that you either work with a sympathetic officiant or brief them fully on protocol before the big day.

Rehearse with the wedding officiant more than once

Let’s be honest, practice really does make perfect. When a professional choir is about to perform their music, or when a circus is about to put on a show under the big top, they have had multiple rehearsals already. So, why would you settle for a quick run-through of your marriage ceremony the day before, or worse, no practice at all?

Also, remember whatever plans the wedding officiant, you and your fiancé(e) put down on paper will not turn out to be how you imagined your day to go.

A suitable wedding officiant should have the patience to communicate with both of you guys to figure out the details on what to do during the wedding day and how to go about your wedding day plan to satisfy both you and your guests

Experience in the style of wedding you want

Relevant experience and a proven track record are always the best references to pick out your ideal officiant.

You can always rely on your friends and family to recommend one, but at times these suggestions may not be adequate enough to find the person that fits your needs. So, don’t be afraid to cast the net far and wide and not just limit your choice to the most convenient choice.

I once attended a huge wedding where there were at least 500 guests invited. The groom’s younger brother was a famous actor in Taiwan and something of a celebrity. There were also many guests from the entertainment industry with a few media types in attendance. Though the wedding was conducted in a relatively smooth way, the spotlight and attention were constantly given over to the younger brother and his entourage.

I remember thinking that he wedding officiant was showing signs of stress at not being able to calm down the congregation at times. If fact, the wedding got a little behind schedule and the situation became more and more chaotic as increasing numbers of fans just showed up outside the venue and began chanting to have a selfie with this actor.

The reason I’m talking about this is because the bride and groom had chosen their officiant poorly, and perhaps even the venue. It was clear to see that the organization was not conducted well, and the officiant had obviously never dealt with such a high profile client before. Although the wedding was fun and memorable to attend, you could tell that the night did not fully belong to the bride and the groom as it should have done.

So, picking the right wedding officiant seem just as important as picking out a reliable partner. Not only does the officiant’s expertise and professionalism need to match your preferred wedding format, his or her personality and approach is also critical to create the type of atmosphere that you desire. You may see this person’s role as fairly straightforward, but it’s not so.


As a general rule of thumb, I would suggest any couple to have at least 3 months before their wedding to finalize their choice of wedding officiant. Ideally, sorting this out as far ahead as 6 months before your wedding would be best. This way you could have plenty of time for any changes you may need to make.

I also suggest that you interview at least 3 wedding officiants before you land on your definitive choice. It is always good to check out more options, but do not go crazy and overwhelm yourself with more than a handful of options.

Some of the best ways to find competent officiants are usually from recommendations from friends or family who have attended one of their weddings before, or from your desired venues that have an agreement with a certain officiant that is already familiar with the environment and so forth.

Last but not the least, be open to your officiants about every one of your requests and concerns, they are generally very willing to cooperate in all your needs because they understand that you and your fiancé(e) are the main focus for that day. So feel free to ask anything which will make you two the most comfortable and feel at ease.

Important Things to Consider When Going to Same-Sex Weddings

Same-sex weddings can be daunting if you have never been to one and want to put your best foot forward by following the proper etiquette.

We all know “traditional” weddings are full of dos and don’ts, and same-sex weddings are the same. Don’t worry, the etiquette is straightforward and you’re sure to get it right as long as you remember to be respectful.

When going to a same-sex wedding, always put the couple first. This occasion is not about you.  No party crashing, complaining, or loud exclaiming if the wedding is not set up in a traditional way. Respect is of utmost importance. Keep your opinions to yourself unless they benefit the newlyweds.

It is always important to take into consideration your behavior when going to an event you have never been to before. Weddings are a place to celebrate! So make sure you are only adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

Proper Etiquette at Same-Sex Weddings

Here are seven tips to keep in mind when you are invited to a same-sex wedding.

1. Don’t crash the wedding.

People are naturally curious, and if they have never been to a same-sex wedding before, they may want to come even if they were not invited just to see what it’s like! This is very disrespectful of the couple, and to everyone who was invited. It creates unnecessary drama that only complicates what is already a very busy day.

If you do not get an invitation to any wedding, do not go.  Likewise, if you get an invitation to a same-sex wedding, and your mom, friend, or sibling is speaking of crashing it, be sure to tell them that this is a terrible idea.

When people show up at a wedding just to gawk at the couple, it is a horribly uncomfortable feeling that makes a person feel like they are in a fishbowl. Please be respectful of their wishes and whom they choose to invite. You wouldn’t want someone crashing your wedding, so why crash theirs?

If you are actually concerned about wedding crashers, then check out my article on how to deal with them here.

2. Be ready for nontraditional practices

If you are a seasoned wedding goer, you surely have an idea of how weddings “work.” A bride walks down the aisle led by her father, she is given away, the couple stands at the front and a priest officiates (at least in many Western-style weddings). There are bridesmaids, groomsmen, a ring bearer, and a flower girl.

After the wedding, there is a reception with a mother-father dance. These are all old traditions that do not reflect every couple. Even though you might have wanted these at your wedding does not mean that everyone will feel the same.

At a same-sex wedding, any or all of these traditions may be changed or removed altogether. This does not mean that the marriage is less valid. It just means that different people have different tastes, and you must be respectful of that. Do not voice your dislike of the lack of tradition during and even after the event. It makes you look mean, and frankly, the married couple probably does not care.

3. Respect the couple’s terminology and pronouns.

Language is becoming increasingly more inclusive. Same-sex couples may not identify with labels such as “bride”, “groom”, “husband”, or “wife.” These labels can make people feel uncomfortable if they do not feel they describe them.

The couple may instead prefer to be called “partners”, or just by their names. For example, instead of shouting, “where’s the groom!” Instead ask, “Where’s Fred?” If you are unsure of the terminology the couple prefers, using their names is always a safe bet.

Sometimes people do not identify with the pronouns “he” or “she.” This is more common in couples that are in same-sex relationships. Instead, they may prefer the pronouns “they”, “ze”, or “ay.”

Using the proper pronouns to address someone is very important. Imagine you are a woman at the airport and you have your hair in a hat. You walk up to the check-in desk, and the worker calls you “he.” Now you spend the rest of your day feeling self-conscious. This is why it is so important to call someone by their preferred pronouns. Especially on their wedding day! You want to be sure the people getting married are as comfortable and happy as possible. 

The likelihood is that you will be aware of this beforehand, but if you are not, just ask a familiar person on the correct form of address making sure to emphasis that you are trying merely to support the preference of the happy couple for addressing each other

4. Watch how much alcohol you drink.

This is a given at all weddings and same-sex weddings are no different. Weddings should be as drama-free as possible, and it never feels good to be the one person everyone remembers for drinking too much. Respect yourself and others around you by limiting your alcohol intake. Yes, that open bar is fun, but your headache and shame tomorrow won’t be if you go too crazy!

The reason why it may apply to this particular wedding is that you feel nervous that you will put your foot in your mouth. We all know that alcohol is a great lubricant for inappropriate utterances.

My wife is infamous for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, especially when it comes to commenting on people’s careers at the moment they are imploding. I just put it down to good intentions and a great deal of ‘lost in translation’, I’m never sure how the victims of these gaffs feel though. So, just keep a clear head as much as you can.

5. Do not ask if they want children.

This is a rude question at all weddings, especially if you are not a member of the immediate family. The decision to have children is very private and personal.

Do not ask a same-sex couple if and how they are going to have children. This can be a sensitive topic especially if the couple is unable to have children. While there are many ways two people of the same gender can choose to have children, that is not your business, especially not on their special day.

If you simply have an interest in the process of it all, then do some research or ask another same-sex couple after you become much, much better acquainted. Personally, this is a topic I’ve never gotten into with my close gay friends despite the very intimate details they share about other areas of their life. Similarly, they have never asked me.

6. Blend in.

This tip is similar to our alcohol tip. This wedding is not yours, so do not become a spectacle! Do your best to have fun, but blend in with the crowd. This is a great way to be the best wedding guest you can be. Dance when it’s time to dance, toast when it’s time to toast and don’t be too loud or boisterous. Blend in with everyone else and respect the happy couple. Being a guest that is not problematic is one of the best ways to support the couple getting married.

If this is your first time at a same-sex wedding then it may also be your first time interacting with the likely demographic at such events. I see that as a great opportunity to throw off any incorrect assumptions you may have, probably at no fault of your own. Mingle, and get to know as many people as you can as it will certainly broaden your horizons and make your world fuller.

7. Tell the couple how happy you are for them.

Supporting a same-sex marriage means a lot to the couple getting married. In a world where many people do not support same-sex marriage, it is important that you tell them you are happy for them. It will be important to the couple to know you are an ally, and that you do not judge them or think of them any differently than a marriage between a man and a woman.

Tell them you are so happy they found each other and you celebrate their love. They will always remember your kindness if you take the time to do this. It’s their wedding day, after all, so make it as special for them as you possibly can.

Tips Before the Wedding Starts

Picking Out the Perfect Card

Card manufacturers have increasingly started to make more inclusive cards. Be sure to pick out a card that reflects the couple. You do not want a card that depicts a woman and a man on it. This is disrespectful and can make the couple feel as if they are not seen or appreciated by you.

If you cannot find a good card that depicts a same-sex couple in your local card store, then check online! ( There are lots of places you can order inclusive cards, and online you will be able to look through hundreds of options so you can find one that you and the couple will enjoy.

In case you are unable to find a card locally, be sure to start card shopping as soon as possible. You don’t want to go to the store the day before the wedding just to find that they don’t have a suitable card. Avoid this by being proactive and then ordering online if need be.

When should you say no?

If you do not support same-sex couples, think their marriage is illegitimate, or do not feel as if you can comply with the 7 tips laid out, then it is best to politely decline the invitation.

Without pointing the figure I will say that it’s possible to cherish a friend or colleague who is homosexual but still disagree with the idea of them being married.

I was once surprised by what my father said when he expressed that ‘marriage’ should only be between two people of the opposite sex. He was making a point about the religious meaning, yet this was from a man who had taught we so well as a child that there was no difference between a gay person and a straight person in terms of their value to society. Something I thank him for now.

It will be better in the long run for you and the couple if you are not in attendance. If you go, you are likely to be worked up and even angry if same-sex marriage is against your beliefs. The couple surely only wants happy and supportive people at their wedding, so it is best if you stay at home if you cannot genuinely support their marriage.

Sending in Your RSVP

If you are declining the invitation to the wedding, be sure to RSVP a “no” as if it was any other wedding. Do not use the RSVP to communicate your disliking of their marriage. This is unproductive and hurtful, as the couple is getting married no matter what you think of them. Instead, simply check the “no” box and move on.

If you choose to write your disapproval on the RSVP, it will do nothing except put the excited couple into a dark cloud. Even if you do not approve of their marriage, surely you do not want to make someone else feel bad about who they are. After all, this couple felt strongly enough to invite you to such a sacred event, the least you can do is to graciously decline if you feel you need to.

Should I Hire a Pro or Amateur Videographer For My Wedding?

Professional videographers cost money, but for your wedding, they’re worth it.  There are many opportunities to get thrifty in life, but your wedding may just not be one of them.

So, should you hire a dedicated videographer for your special day?

Hiring a person to act as a videographer on your wedding day has several benefits but also incurs costs. A professional will provide the best results in the majority of cases as they have access to the correct equipment. Amateurs, both students & friends, should be used only as a last resort.

Ask any married couple if you should hire a videographer for your wedding and you’ll get a resounding yes every time.  Now, should you have a pro responsible for cataloging the best day of your life, or one of your friends or relatives? 

We all know weddings are a serious financial undertaking, and hiring a videographer may seem like a frivolous expenditure to those looking through green-colored glasses. 

However, it’s best to consider Murphy’s Law in this situation: what can go wrong, will go wrong – and when it does, you’ll not only have a half-baked wedding video but another person in your life who disappointed you. Who needs that, right?  Be safe: go with a pro.

Still not convinced? Thinking maybe you’re the exception to the rule? Well hold on Speedy Gonzalez, there are some dirty details for you to mull over.  Consider these factors before you make a decision.

Ever Heard of Shaky Footage?

Professionals own or have access to a myriad of high-tech camera equipment such as stabilizers and mounting equipment.  They also use top-notch editing programs that can cost up to $10,000. Do you know who doesn’t have access to those things? Literally anyone else. 

Think about virtually any video you’ve taken while not standing dead still… They rarely turn out as nicely as you hope, do they?  Imagine that botched iPhone video was your first kiss as a married couple, first dance, or maybe the last time you got to see an older family member.  You want those memories to be preserved as clear as crystal. 


Recording video is only half the battle; a quality video has quality audio also.  How do you ensure that every vow is recorded, every word audible? Multiple wireless microphones, and external recorders for starters.  Where to position them? How many are needed? If you try to ‘DIY’ through this process, you could end up spending a boatload of time and money and still not achieve the results you hoped for. Who needs the headache?


So you’ve hired a fantastic photographer who’s done an excellent job of capturing stills of your big day.  What’s missing? Movement.  Weddings are dynamic events; a reverie of comings-and-goings, subtle body movements, facial expressions, and dance floor mishaps. 

The truth is, while photos are a must-have, they can only capture so much.  If you want to remember all those subtle details, there’s no question that you need a videographer on hand.  In 15 years, are you more likely to be worried about the few grand you spent, or the fact that you can remember only fleeting details of your wedding day?  Do your future self a favor.

Sharing Is Caring

Another advantage of hiring a professional videographer is their ability to distribute hard copies of your wedding video on Blu-ray or USB drive, as well as uploading it to Vimeo or other sharing websites. 

This may sound like an easy process, but there are obstacles you may not know about.  File formats, drive formats, and export settings all factor into creating the best possible finished product.  The tech-savvy out there may not balk at this process, but most of us would rather leave this kind of thing up to the professionals. 

Creating many copies allows you to share your memories with loved ones at a relatively low cost (a 4GB USB drive is typically large enough for your wedding photos and video, and a 10-pack of those costs about $26 on Amazon).  Who wouldn’t want a high-quality video of their wedding at their fingertips?

The Next Generation

Documenting your wedding day will not only be something you appreciate.  In ten, twenty, or fifty years, your kids and grandkids will be able to look back on that special day, seeing their parents or grandparents in all their youthful glory on the happiest day of their lives.  I wish I was able to look back on the day my grandparents got married!  All we have is a grainy black and white photography. It’s not just a wedding video, it’s a family heirloom.

If you’ve read this far, hopefully, you’re convinced that a professional videographer is the right fit for you. So, let’s get down to brass tax.


While there is a range of different price points for wedding videographers, you’re likely to find a variety of good options in the $1000-2000 range. 

According to research, the average cost of hiring a videographer for your wedding is $1799 (significantly less than the average cost of a wedding photographer – $2679). 

If you can find a company that bundles photography and videography, you’re likely to pay less than if you hire two separate companies, with the added bonus of having a crew who will work harmoniously towards a common goal (not two competitors jostling for space and the best camera angles).

What Am I Paying For?

Included in your fee are a few main things.

  • Service – your videographer’s precious hours, usually a pre-determined length of time.
  • Staff members – the more staff, the more money you’re likely to spend. Another reason to bundle photographer and videographer if you can.
  • Editing hours – This is what will take up most of your videographer’s time.  Some videographers may allow you to view your video and send it back with suggestions for changes at no extra cost.
  • Camera equipment – The quantity and quality of the gear your videographer uses will have an impact on what he or she charges.
  • Extras – Things such as drone footage, USB drives, and extra rounds of editing may drive the price up, but of course, you decide what you want.
  • The finished product – As mentioned before, your wedding video is likely to be distributed on DVD, Blu-ray, and USB drive.  Luckily, these products are relatively inexpensive.
  • Travel costs – This will vary depending on how far away your videographer is based.  It’s important to consider this before hiring.

Things To Think About

Before you go about hiring a videographer, you should think about what you want your wedding video to look like.  This will help you develop a clearer mental picture of what you expect, as well as give you some idea of what to ask about when you start the hiring process.


Would you prefer your wedding video to be presented very cinematically, or more like a documentary? Or a happy medium between the two? Your videographer will film according to what you decide, so have a think on this one.


Most people these days use digital cameras for their obvious advantages (clearer footage, smaller cameras, higher light sensitivity, etc), but you should consider how many cameras you want capturing footage.  Maybe you want your video to contain footage that would require having two cameras, such as simultaneous footage of the bride and groom getting ready.  Ponder over what you’d like to have recorded, and remember more cameras = more money. 

Audio Recording

Is it important that you capture every word during your ceremony, every speech, as well as various conversations from your guests? Or is video more important than audio? What you decide will impact your videographer’s choice on microphone quantity and placement, and of course, will affect the price.


Do you want to choose the music in your video? Or, choose a genre and allow your videographer to choose specific songs? Do you want your video edited to fit the music or vice versa?  If it’s important that you have a say about soundtrack, make sure to find a videographer who is willing to be flexible.


Think about how much of your big day you want to be included in your video.  Maybe you want footage from rehearsal, getting dressed, ceremony, and reception. Maybe you just want your ceremony and small bits from reception. It’s up to you, but remember the more time your videographer spends with you, the more you’ll pay.

Editing cycles

Are you the fastidious type? Or can you be happy with someone else’s vision?  Think about how involved you’re going to want to be in the editing process.  Your videographer may allow you to suggest changes once or twice for no extra charge but is likely to demand some extra coin if the editing process runs additional rounds.

What to do if you just can’t go pro?

Of course, whenever possible we want a professional to complete the task we need in life. However, sometimes it’s just not possible.

Say you are only planning a very small wedding as you have a very limited budget. In this case, even the cheapest rate for a professional videographer may not be within reach, so what choice do you have?

In this case, you may be thinking that you’re faced with the tough decision of not having any video footage at all (apart from those shaky cell phone clips). But, there is another sneaky technique you can use.

Sometimes the only thing which separates a real professional wedding videographer and your brother Jim who has a questionable video set up in his bedroom is the professional equipment and understanding to make a good video. Luckily, there is an entire group of people with access to the right kit and the training to do the job.

Hiring a student filmmaker

Go to your local college and find out if they have a film department. If they do, ask for the contact information for the faculty members on staff. You can contact them to ask for a list of students who would be suitable to manage the filming of your wedding.

Although not strictly professionals yet, these young filmmakers will be hungry for any opportunity to hone their skills and will be happy with only a few hundred bucks for a day’s work compared to perhaps thousands for a real ‘pro’.

But my friend says they can do it

If the only option is going with a friend, perhaps you owe them a favor or just don’t know how to say no, then all is not lost.

As I said before, there are some key things to get right in order to get a half-decent video. Making sure that they have a stabilizer or tripod is the first thing to check, then figure out if they have the right type of microphones. If they don’t, perhaps hire them. Lastly, do they have the right editing software? If not, perhaps you could just outsource this part. Check out or to hire a freelancer.

The best thing you can do is to have a trial run. Make sure that you see them testing the equipment and then see the results before you finally give in and say I do to them before you say it to your future spouse. I still believe a professional is going to be better, but with the right encouragement, even an amateur could do you proud.

Do I Need A Wedding Welcome Sign & What Should It Say?

Having a wedding welcome sign greet you at a venue is fast becoming commonplace, but it’s by no means a dyed in the wool tradition. So, should you follow suit and commission your own unique wedding sign and if so, what should be displayed on it?

A wedding welcome sign is an excellent way of giving guests directions and important information when attending a large venue or when multiple functions are happening in the same place. Wedding signs are not mandatory but they have several benefits in terms of cost, personalization & efficiency.

So, you may be on the fence about whether or not you really need a sign for your wedding and exactly what the point of it is, so let me set the context for you.

After all the tears and arguments with the vendors, your multi-colored; crossed-out; re-written; 12-month wedding planner is looking just a little overwhelming. Nah, cross that out and let’s be honest, it’s stressing you OUT. At this point, you want to say screw it and run to city hall and just say those two words and be done with it all.

And now, now after all those months of dedicated planning, you’ve stumbled across wedding welcome signs.

Perhaps it was that floral wedding inspired Instagram feed or that rustic, mahogany influenced Pinterest board to blame. Either way, you might be dreaming of a scene where your guests are swept into the venue by this magical sign, announcing to the world your happy union. Or, honestly, maybe you just don’t want that relative from the in-law’s side (you know the one) to get confused and end up in someone’s quinceañera, again. 

Also, a sign can help prevent unwitting wedding crashers. If you are worried about more determined wedding crashers, check out my article on this problem here.

So the question remains ‘Do I really need a wedding welcome sign?’

Is a wedding sign needed?

Well, that depends. I know, roll your eyes at me but firstly, let me quote Ryan Gosling from the Notebook, ‘What do you want?’

Are you also going to have a program listing the projected activities and events of the ceremony? Do you want to showcase the theme and style of the wedding before the guests walk in? Did you plan for a wedding welcome sign in the budget? Will you also have a wedding website? Do any of your guests include the following type: easily lost, confused, and/or unfamiliar with who exactly is getting married? 

Depending on the type of welcome sign you provide, it can serve a number of purposes. Pragmatically, it can direct the guests to the ceremony, it can assert the theme of the wedding and it shows the names of the people getting married (that’s you!).

If we expand the definition of a traditional wedding welcome sign a little more, it also allows you to get rid of a program by listing the events of the ceremony on it, and you can personalize it by including a ‘quote of the wedding’.

Want to digitally immortalize your wedding through the perspective of your guests? Include a unique hashtag on your welcome sign and have guests tag any uploaded photos of the ceremony using the hashtag so you can look it up whenever you want.

Lastly, for the sentimental types (which really, is all of us), it can also serve as a beautiful memento that you can take home and display in your future house with your spouse (or apartment, because, and repeat after me, ‘IN THIS ECONOMY?’).

At the end of the day, it’s a beautiful personal touch to a ceremony but most often acts as an addition rather than as a stand-alone piece. 

‘But Phil & Lea what would I even write on my wedding welcome sign?’ 

What to put on your wedding sign

Great question, dear reader. There are various things you can write on a wedding welcome sign, so it’s up to you how big you want to go with it!

The standard wedding welcome sign includes the names of the people getting married, the date, a warm welcome and a quote that symbolizes the union of the soon to be newlyweds. I personally rather like the quote ‘Choose a seat, not a side, we’re all family here.’ The quote ultimately sets the mood and I obviously like the bad Dad joke mood.  You are more than welcome to change it up and add more to the sign. You can also include the names of:

  • The officiant 
  • Maid of honor
  • Best Man
  • Groomsmen 

Tips to make your wedding sign do more for you


Ditch making and printing a program sheet for the guests and include it in your wedding welcome sign. Write down the timeline of planned activities and events of the ceremony so the guests are up to date with everything that’s going to be going on during the wedding.

In fact, it might serve as a great reminder for the staff to be prompt and well aware of what event is happening next so they may efficiently and adequately provide for the ceremony. 

Private Instagram photography team

As we mentioned above, if you’re up to date with social media and technology this could be a great way to immortalize your wedding through the lens of your guests.

By including a hashtag (and your preferred social media platform) that is unique to the wedding and yourselves (a hashtag that you can remember and feel proud of decades down the line when you’re scrolling through version 45 of Instagram on your holographic sonic device) you can have guests privately or publicly upload photos of the wedding using the hashtag so you can have an easily accessible collection of photos that your guests took on their phones!

Just look up the hashtag on whatever social media platform you told the guests to upload on and viola all the wonderful pictures! #weddingwelcomesigns

My wedding, my rules!

If you’re the type to prefer an unplugged, offline wedding ceremony you can state that on the wedding welcome sign.

This way the guests are fully present and engaged in the ceremony. An example of a sign you can use might be  ‘There’s a photographer here to capture every beautiful moment, so please rest your phones and other photo-taking devices. We invite you to breathe in the moment and be present for our ceremony.’

Making a statement

If you are particularly passionate about a topic and want to mix business with pleasure, your wedding sign can also be a soapbox if you so choose.

Perhaps you want to raise awareness of a charity you patronize, well, you have a captive audience here who you can share that story with. Alternatively, you could show your support for your political candidate if there is an election coming up.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s your day and as long as your spouse is on board, there’s nothing that this wedding sign can’t help you achieve.

A memorial

Although a painful thought on such a significant day of your life, a wedding sign can be an ideal place to include a memorial to a recently departed loved one.

If that loved one will be sorely missed then this is a great way to include them and have the entire congregation at your wedding remember them.

In our case, my father-in-law, whom I never met, was never far from our thoughts when we tied the knot (officially for the second time) and was memorialized in verse on the wedding signs we had on our special day.

Show us the money

Now comes the difficult question, ‘can a wedding welcome sign fit into our budget?’ Depending on the type of material used for the sign, whether or not you hire a calligrapher or if you get the sign made or get busy with some DIY, costs can vary wildly.

If you are the DIY type, you can vastly cut costs by sourcing the material and writing your sign yourself (or with the help of a particularly talented friend).

Other options include going to a wedding planner and buying a premade or custom made one. If you are like me and live for online shopping, Amazon and Etsy also have wedding welcome signs that you can personalize from $10- $200 depending on the cost of labor and material.

If you build it, they will come

This brings us to the next part, what kind of materials for a wedding sign should you use?

So, there are a few ideas for a wedding sign and all rely on the theme of the ceremony itself. For a formal, vintage ceremony perhaps you want a wedding sign that resembles something of the turn of the century era (fine china-like calligraphy and decorations?), or perhaps you prefer a woodcut etching style of wedding signs, then you have the options of laser cutting, engraving or etching whatever type of wood you like.

If this sounds like something you and your spouse would be interested in, MDF is a popular cheaper type of wood that could help you cut the cost of the material. If you miss that gorgeous wood grain that often appears on maple, oak or cedar but still want to keep the cost down, you can always paint it on.

Other material options include canvas for a rustic, outdoorsy type ceremony, a marquee welcome sign with flashing retro style light bulbs for that rockabilly couple or even acrylic with a gorgeous glassy finish. 

The writing’s on the wall

The writing itself is a key piece of the sign and if well done, can really elevate the theme of the ceremony and bring out the best of the material it is on. Options include ink, chalk, gold foil, carving, paint, balloons and whatever else your heart desires.

Whilst not entirely necessary, and can sometimes lead you to enter treacherous territory, decorations and additions to the wedding sign can be employed to personalize a welcome sign, especially if it’s not DIY or custom made.

A tactful picture of the happy couple (perhaps an engagement photo) can be made as a background or stuck on to the sign. Flowers, especially on wooden signs, can delicately complement the welcome sign and really assert the color scheme and theme of the ceremony.

For the really daring and adventurous, neon lights are a unique and exciting option to either decorate the sign with or to frame it. This could even be a backup option for a rainy or cloudy day wedding ceremony, I mean who doesn’t swoon over the sight of neon lights reflected off a rainy background? 

A sign of the times

At the end of the day, wedding welcome signs are really a personal choice of the people getting married. If you do decide to employ one for your wedding ceremony; like anything else you do for wedding planning, make sure you either buy or DIY the sign weeks in advance of the ceremony.

Meticulous planning and execution are crucial elements to a successful ceremony and leaving a wedding sign to the last minute could leave you with a sign that leaves you disappointed.

Remember, a wedding sign is often the first thing your guests will see and while you don’t need to necessarily impress them with a welcome sign, you definitely don’t want to leave them confused if it doesn’t match the theme of the wedding. So remember, plan ahead and accordingly to schedule! 

In closing and to help you decide, either way, it is your wedding; a celebration of a beautiful union of two individuals who are committed to a lifetime of love for and to each other. And really, having or not having a welcome sign is not going to change that. 

How To Prevent Wedding Crashers From Ruining Your Dream Day

Wedding crashers could ruin the biggest day of your life. Whether it’s an unwelcome ex, an uninvited plus-one, or a random stranger, there are several easy steps you can take to help prevent wedding crashers and enjoy your big day with the people you really care about.

So how do you prevent a wedding crasher from getting a free slice of cake and a fantastic night out?

  • Make Sure Your Wedding Reception is the Only Event Taking Place at the Venue
  • Never Post the Exact Time or Location of Your Wedding Reception Online
  • Send Your Guests Invitation Cards in the Mail
  • Assign Seats and Name Cards to All Your Guests
  • Ask Close Friends and Family to Talk to Any Unfamiliar Faces

If you follow these simple rules, you should be free to enjoy your big day without worrying about unwanted guests crashing the party.

But wait, there is more to the problem than you may think, check out the rest of the article not to become a victim of a crasher.

Who Are Wedding Crashers?

Some wedding crashers are simply friends or family who weren’t invited but decided to come anyway. They might also be extra uninvited friends, partners, or children of your guests. They may not be here to cause trouble, but there was a reason they weren’t invited, and the event was planned for the guests you did invite.

Some wedding crashers are opportunists. They look at your big day and see a free party with food and drinks galore. Others do it because they know it’s wrong. They’re excited by the idea of crashing someone else’s big day. Either way, they’ll be taking advantage of your hospitality and inconveniencing the people you really want to be there.

Even worse than that, some wedding crashers are there to take advantage of the joyous atmosphere and steal wedding gifts or money from guests. Make sure that gifts, especially cash gifts, are taken care of securely and are not left on display once the party starts.

The other kind of wedding crasher is the bitter ex, estranged family member, or former friend who is there to cause trouble for you by attempting to get revenge or trying to otherwise ruin your special day.

What’s So Bad About Wedding Crashers Anyway?

Some people may just tell you, ‘the more the merrier, right?’, but I don’t see it that way. A wedding crasher like any uninvited guest always spells trouble.

You’ve spent months planning your wedding day. It’s only going to happen once, so you’ve worked out every last detail to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. You’ve sent out invitations to the people you love and care for the most and made sure everyone is provided for, so an uninvited guest can really upset the balance.

You’ve thought long and hard about who to invite to your big day – and who not to invite. Also, if you are anything like my wife and me, you had a particular budget and limited your guestlist to fit within those financial constraints. It’s disrespectful to the happy couple to disregard their wishes and ignore their carefully laid out plans.

Preventing Wedding Crashers

Make Sure Your Wedding Reception is the Only Event Taking Place at the Venue

When finding a venue for your wedding reception, make sure you check with the booking manager that there are no other rooms booked for other events. If there are other wedding receptions, birthday parties, or business functions happening next door, not only will it be a distraction from your big day, guests may drift from one room to another and end up crashing your party.

Similarly, don’t have your reception at a venue with a public restaurant, bar, or hotel attached. Customers might see what a great time you’re having and try to sneak in unannounced.

However, most good venues have a policy of only taking on one big event at a time, unless it’s an extremely large venue that is.

If you find that you are going to be sharing an event space you can ask the venue staff to help you monitor the entrance to your particular room or even go as far as to give guests a wrist band or other identifying mark to help make sure only they have access to your free bar.

Never Post the Exact Time or Location of Your Wedding Reception Online

Of course, you want everyone to know how excited you are about your big day, but don’t share details about the time or address of your wedding to your social media accounts, or anywhere else online. Even the venue’s name should be kept under wraps until the party’s over and you’re ready to share all those beautiful memories with the world.

Now, it doesn’t have to be a top-secret military operation! Just be aware that information posted online can easily be shared in ways we can’t control. Even if you make a private group or event listing, it can be difficult to stop it from being shared or seen by others.

If you have to send information via the web, then private messages or a secure mailing list are the best approaches to limiting a leak and letting the worst type of wedding crashers into your special day.

Send Your Guests Invitation Cards in the Mail

You might decide to send out physical invitation cards to your guests in the mail instead of electronic invites. There are several benefits to doing this.

First, who wouldn’t love to find a beautifully designed, personalized card in their mailbox instead of the daily pile of bills and junk mail? Your guests will all have a unique gift they can open up, hold, and touch, as well as a physical reminder of your big day that they can keep and treasure forever.

Second, sending out cards in the mail lets you avoid the security risks involved in posting your details online. It’s harder to share a personal note than a tweet these days, let’s face it.

Finally, you can ask your guests to bring their invitation card with them to the wedding and ensure only those with an invite get in. If you don’t want people to have to bring the actual card, you could include a ticket or separate ‘entry card’ within your invitation.

Get creative, especially if you are getting married in a very public place. A few of the places I viewed with my wife had public restaurants and a large number of visitors just walking around, we crossed those places off our list!

Assign Seats and Name Cards to All Your Guests

Make sure all your guests have an assigned seat marked with a name card. That way, you know that anyone without a seat and a name card isn’t on the guest list and shouldn’t be there.

If you want a more informal seating arrangement, guests can carry their name cards and use them to get drinks at the bar – also stopping uninvited guests from running up your bar tab.

Just like the invitation cards, the name cards can be designed and personalized to make your guests feel special and to give them a unique memento to take home and remind them of your big day.

Ask Close Friends and Family to Talk to Any Unfamiliar Faces

You might think it would be easy to spot an uninvited guest at your own wedding. After all, these are your and your spouse’s closest friends and family. However, this is your big day and your mind is probably focused on other more important things. Not to mention all those long lost relatives and friends which our parents insist on inviting too.

If you’re worried about wedding crashers on the day of your big event, have a word with your closest friends or family members and ask them to speak with people they don’t recognize. This way, they can covertly check if that person is meant to be there or not. Get them to ask about the details of the ceremony, since a wedding crasher is unlikely to have attended it.

If they are a genuine guest (and if you’ve taken all the precautions, they most likely are!), it’s also a great chance to make them feel more welcome and perhaps even create new connections and friendships. So make sure that you don’t instill your relatives and friends with too much enthusiasm to unmask possible crashers, we don’t want them going over the top!

Other Things You Can Do to Prevent Wedding Crashers

Hire some muscle

If your budget allows, you might want to hire a doorman or hostess. They can be on hand to greet your guests and keep out anyone who wasn’t invited. You may even have a friend or family member who is happy to adopt this role.

Keep it small

Having a small event with only your closest friends and family is also a good way to keep out wedding crashers. With a small crowd of people you know well, anyone who doesn’t belong will be much easier to spot.

Make them stand out

If you are really concerned about the issue of wedding crashers and have a wild side, you could plan a themed wedding or have a non-traditional dress code. This at the very least will keep out the opportunist crashers as they will be much easier to spot.

How to Spot a Wedding Crasher

At a large event, a wedding crasher can be difficult to spot, but there are signs you can look out for.

Since they weren’t invited and don’t have a designated seat, the wedding crasher will often be standing by the bar, the buffet, or on the dance floor. During the dinner and speeches, they may disappear to the bathroom or elsewhere.

Keep an eye out especially for anyone hovering by the bar, since wedding crashers are often there to take advantage of free drinks.

They might claim to be a friend of the groom when speaking to the bride and her family, or vice versa. If someone is suspected of being a wedding crasher, having both the bride and groom speak to them together can catch them in a lie.

Similarly, having people from both sides of the family speak to them together can call them out, if they claim to be a distant cousin, aunt, or uncle.

You can also ask them questions about the bride or groom which a relative or friend would be expected to know such as their surname, job, hometown or even birthday.

What to Do If Someone Does Crash Your Wedding

If you suspect that someone is at your wedding uninvited, there are a few things you should do.

First, tell one or two trusted family members about your concerns and ask them to go and speak with the potential wedding crasher. They may either know who the guest is or be able to catch them if they are there uninvited.

If the bride, the groom, and both their parents don’t recognize the guest, they are most likely not invited.

If you think the person is a wedding crasher, you can inform the venue staff and have them removed quietly. They should have experience dealing with unwanted guests at events and should be able to handle the situation delicately. When selecting a wedding venue it may benefit you to discuss this scenario with them beforehand to ensure that they could handle a potential wedding crasher quietly and effectively.

Alternatively, the bride and groom should approach the wedding crasher together and ask them politely but firmly to leave.

If you really want to put the crasher on the spot and use the power of public embarrassment, you could announce their misdemeanor over the PA system, but this would be the last resort as you don’t know this person and what they may do.

The Surprising Hidden Benefits To A December Wedding

When you picture the perfect time to have a wedding summer comes to many of our minds, but do not brush off the idea of a December wedding.

While it might be nice to frolic in the sunshine and take pictures surrounded by lush greenery, discounting out a brisk wintery wonderland as the ideal backdrop for a wedding could be a mistake. There are so many hidden and surprising benefits to having a December wedding.

So, what are the actual benefits to a darling December wedding in the heart of winter (sorry Australia!)?

December is an ideal time for a wedding as family and friends are often in town and in a festive mood. Gift-giving is already in the air as is the holiday mood. Stores are busting with cheap festive decorations and many wedding venues and professionals will be available to hire at a better rate.

If you are anything like me, you will picture Phobe and Mike from that iconic series Friends getting married in a snowy New York street when anyone mentions a winter wedding.

The romance of it all can only be topped by the ease and individuality such weddings bring. So, read on to find out why you should definitely consider emulating Lisa Kudrow and Paul Rudds’s on-screen marvel.

There are five surprising hidden benefits to having a December wedding, a couple more you haven’t thought of!

It is the Gift-Giving Season

When you hold your wedding in December, it overlaps with Christmas and Hanukkah, two of the biggest festivals of the seasonWhy is this a good thing you ask? Well, think about the amount of wedding swag you are going to receive.

Your wedding guests are going to give you a wedding and Christmas gift wrapped into one. Your close friends and family will combine their Christmas budget and wedding gift budget together and give you something super nice.

Your not-so-close friends, who you have not seen in a while but are you are inviting to your wedding, are the jackpot. They will feel guilty about not giving you Christmas presents over the years and splurge a little on your wedding gift. They need to make up for all those years of slacking off on the Christmas spirit. Think about all those years that your college buddy didn’t even send you a card for Christmas or Hanukkah. Maybe they didn’t even call you!  They are going to make up for that in one fabulous wedding gift.

Also, shopping at the year’s end is the best time to nab a bargain, especially if you have a wedding after an annual sale. So factor that into the pile of presents you are going to receive.

Do you want a countertop mixer? You are going to get that upgraded commercial model.  Perhaps you will get the 5-quart Dutch oven versus the 2 quart one due to all the alluring promotions available to December shoppers. If you send out your invites early enough, you are going to be the beneficiary of Black Friday and Cyber Monday too. So, crank out that guest list and let the holidays be bright. 

Sweat or Lack of it

While everyone looks great in all those summer wedding photos, I am sure they do not feel as fresh as they look.  Think about it. Who wears a tux outdoors in summer?

People at weddings that have no other choice, that’s who! I have been to summer weddings dressed to the nines and covered in sweat head to toe. My own ‘official’ wedding was in Hong Kong in June, man that was tough!

Good thing most tuxedos are black and hide sweat stains. Ladies, you are not off the hook either during a summer wedding.  Brides and bridesmaids’ dresses are not made to be light and breezy.  They are thick, embroidered, layered sweat factories.  Why stand outside for hours in the sun when you can be cool and comfortable at your December wedding.

December temperatures will not be sweat-inducing in most parts of the USA and in Northern climates. If you are having the ceremony outdoors, that tux will keep you nice and warm not hot and sweaty.  All those extra layers of your bridesmaid dress will add needed thermal protection.  You may have ice in your pits but that’s better than a stinky bacteria bath. So enjoy being a bit chilly. Your nose and dry cleaners sure will.

Another reason a December wedding will produce less sweat is that it will most likely be indoors for the most part.  The good thing about an indoor wedding is climate control. Let the HVAC system make your wedding venue the perfect temperature.  It is easier to heat a venue in the month of December than to cool it to the perfect temperature in the summer.  When it’s blistering hot outside, there is only so much a strong air conditioner can do.  So let that fireplace add ambiance and heat you to the perfect temp.

More Friends at the Wedding

Everyone has some time off in December.  Take advantage of those hard-earned vacation days. The kids are off of school for a few weeks and most employers give their workers vacation days for the holidays.  This means that your friends will be able to attend your wedding.  No more excuses about how they have to work and can’t make it. 

Friends who are studying at college can come as well.  Finals are over in early December. So by holding your wedding in December you are pretty much ensuring that most of your friends will have some time off that month to make it to your wedding. You may think having a wedding in December would make travel more expensive for your guests, especially airfare. While buying an airplane ticket in December is not the cheapest month there is a hidden benefit to having a December wedding regarding travel. 

Your friends might make the trip to your wedding a Christmas gift for their families and loved ones. Guess what honey? This year for Christmas we are going to Vermont for some skiing and my friend’s wedding! Hey kids, pack your bags we are getting out of this snow to go to my besties’ wedding in Phoenix, Arizona.

Having to fork out some dough as a friendship obligation can turn into a ‘two birds one stone’ situation for the people on your guest list. They have to come to your wedding so why not make it a present to themselves and their loved ones? Travel makes a great gift.


If you are having a wedding in December you have to go with a winter theme right?. Think white lights, snow, glimmering bulbs and so on. Guess what is easy to find in December? 

Every store you walk into will be selling lights, ornaments, wreaths, tinsel, glitter, fake snow, bows, wrapping paper, and everything else you could want for a holiday-themed wedding. How easy is it to buy a bunch of huge cardboard boxes, assemble them, then wrap them?  These decorative cubes can cover your wedding venue and add a marvelous aesthetic. And they are light too because they are empty. 

It will be easy to create a wonderful winter-themed backdrop for your wedding. All the materials you need can easily be found at every supermarket or drugstore. They are not too expensive either when you think about how you can replace tabletop fresh flowers with a wreath and some bulb ornaments.  Need a backdrop for photos? Throw up a white sheet bordered with Christmas lights.  Heck, cover the whole venue with strings of lights! The wedding photographer will be in bokeh heaven.  

White table cloths, the cheapest and most abundant table cloth besides black, are really old-fashioned but they totally work with a winter-themed wedding.  Also, you can save all the decorations from your wedding and have all the Christmas decorations you will ever need for the rest of your life. So bundle up those lights and pack those ornaments carefully because you and your future kids will be hanging them on the tree for years to come. 

Imagine the stories you will tell as you hang them every year with your family.  Hey son, that ornament in your hand was on our table during our wedding reception, back when you were just a glimmer in my eye. Hey daughter, those lights you are hanging on the tree lit up our wedding all those years ago and now they are lighting our living room.

While you probably can’t keep all the decorations, unless you live in a mansion or something, so you can give the extras away as parting gifts to your guests. Let our wedding lights light your future holidays. I hope they continue to shine on like our love will.

Also, think about all the holiday-themed cocktails you can serve at a December wedding. Think peppermint infused vodka White Russians, yes please! Eggnog with candy hearts, you know that works. Since it is chilly out, break out those cognacs and brandies and garnish them red cherries that match all the red of Christmas. Is there a better time for mulled wine?  I think not.  Also, just make sure you put a candy cane in every drink and you are all good.  Add fun cocktails and lots of mistletoe and your guests will be raving about your wedding for months. Cheesy yes, but it totally works and you know it.

Wedding Professional Availability

Another surprising or hidden benefit of a December wedding is the availability of wedding professionals.  Since December is not a peak time of year for weddings, there will be many wedding professionals available for hire.

You will not have to worry about the best photographer being booked.  Wedding planners will be happy to pick up a gig in December.  Florists will be so sick of making wreaths that they would be happy to do a wedding. 

Also, do not forget about capitalism here. God bless the USA!  Since it’s the low season, use that to your advantage.  Let the wedding professionals compete.  Get multiple bids and be transparent about them when you negotiate the price for the wedding services and goods.  Those wedding professionals need to buy presents too, so they will not let your wedding gig slip thought their fingers.  You can very well get a bargain on your DJ, videographer, photographer, florist, caterer, or wedding planner.

Epic wedding photos

If you live in a part of the world which gets the traditional Charles Dickens style Christmas, with snow and everything, then your wedding photographer is in for a treat!

Not only do Christmas decorations with all the lights look amazing for the backdrop to the reception, but there is also nothing more radiant than a snowy backdrop to your official wedding day photographs.

It’s just something which is hard-wired into the western culture that most of us probably share, and it’s all down to that Victorian writer Mr. Charles Dickens. Because of his works, we see a snowy landscape as both beautiful but also magical. It symbolizes the warmth of humanity and the season of goodwill. What a great accompanying theme to your wedding and new life with your spouse.

But of course, it not just in western culture. While on vacation with my then-girlfriend and her mother (yes I’m a superstar) in Iceland, we were at a beautiful waterfall called Skógafoss in the heart of winter. Low and behold, an Asian coupled arrived with their photographer and began taking prewedding photos for their wedding (This is a tradition in Chinese culture). It was freezing but those photos will look epic!

I just have to say that I proposed to my girlfriend that very same night under the northern lights, but if it wasn’t for that couple stealing the limelight I would have liked to have done it there and then. Nevermind, she said yes which is the main thing!

A Sunny Winter Honeymoon

Not only are the wedding professionals going to be more abundant and hopefully cheaper to secure, but the same can also be said of those traditional honeymoon destinations.

If you have always pictured flying out to a romantic one in a lifetime holiday on the evening of your wedding day, then a December wedding could give you more.

If you choose the right destination, you could get to do everything you’ve been dreaming of at a fraction of the cost and with a lot fewer people hanging around.

Think of a beautiful Carribean island in the off-season. No tourist wandering around to photobomb your cherished pictures, no queues to get into any attractions, no annoying kids kicking sand into your cocktail as they run by on the beach. It sounds like heaven to me.

What’s more, if you are planning to travel in the offseason, having saved up your vacation days, of course, you could actually get more for your money and go further afield. Remember, when it’s winter in Northern America, it’s the heart of summer in South America, Southern Africa, Australia, etc.

So, not only will you show how edgy you are for having a winter wedding, you could brag to your friends and family about a fantastic faraway honeymoon destination which you would never have been able to afford just a few short months later in Summer.